Dream: Finish Line & Graduation – Mik Sadasey

January 29, 2019
I was racing towards a finish line that was visible, about 50 feet away and to my right I could see a car racing to get ahead of me as to block me off. I quickly jumped over to the right lane so they couldn’t. And immediately closed the finish line. My phone started buzzing as soon as I crossed as if I was receiving a bunch of notifications (which I assume were congratulations). Then I got out of my car and I was headed to get my diploma. I looked at my phone and my diploma wasn’t showing up yet. Then I realized I was in a dream and given the interpretation.
The car that was trying to cut me off was Satan and all the Saints are trying to get to the finish line but in these last final moments, he wil be aggressive in the attacks. Also, the graduation represented the remnant completing the race, those who made it to the end. We must hold on and keep pushing forward. Stand firm!


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