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Last night I was given a prophetic dream and while in prayer this morning I received a brief word from the Lord! I will give the dream with breakdown to explain as I go through dream:::

In the dream I found myself in a motel room packing frantically as I had to depart within a certain time frame. I was with an unknown person. As I proceeded to pack going as quickly as I could the unknown person in the same room was milling about. Taking things very slow! I told him he MUST HURRY as time was running out to catch the plane! I heard a knock on the door and an unknown woman was at the door! The man in the room went to answer the door! He started to flirt with her and make small talk with her! All the while I kept quickly packing things up! I said to him he needed to start getting his things in order but he ignored me and got mad at my pleads with him to hurry!…Before I was to depart I needed to have an over sized towel washed , cleaned and folded to return to this shop on the way to airport! I washed the towel but was running out of time to dry it! So I decided on the way to airport ,I would stop at the firehouse to get it speedily dried so not to miss my plane! I finished packing and jumped in a speed car and raced to firehouse to get a quick dry of this oversized towel to hand in before leaving ! Still this man just dragged along ! I made it very fast to the firehouse and got the towel dry and folded and raced quickly to drop it off at a shop before I was to board the plane! I made it to the airport in enough time and the dream ended!!

Here is the meaning of the dream::::
The motel represents our temporary dwelling here on earth! The man milling about represents those that are not taking Gods words seriously and will miss out and may be left behind if they do not have a change of heart! The speed car represents the URGENCY OF How fast things will occur and change! The firehouse again represents the danger of things occurring AND URGENCY!!The oversized towel represents wiping off things of this world leaving them behind! And the plane represents the departure from this world to enter into Gods Kingdom!!!!
UPON further prayer I heard the Lord say to me very loud and clear:::: “HOLD TIGHT” !!! ” THINGS WILL OCCUR QUICKLY AND VERY RAPIDLY” BRACE YOURSELF IN MY OPEN ARMS”!!!! ….

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