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Dream: During Rapture Don’t Look Back – Missy Rabe

Missy Rabe

Thursday August 31, 2017

I had a rapture dream last night. I dreamed that I was taken. The angels that come to take us are soooo beautiful. They shine with the Father’s glory, gorgeous. They are so big. The amazing peace and joy that came over me was unlike anything I have ever experienced. However, I was warned in the dream to not look back like Lot’s wife. I was told that I must not have any love of this world, or the things in this world. In the dream, I started to look back, and I was set down on the ground, no longer ascending. I awoke realizing that I must repent about anything that would cause me to look back. I was glad for the warning, while there is still time (seconds of time left).

444News Note:

I’ve seen a few rapture dreams that state same thing DONT LOOK BACK.

In some the person looking back turns to ash like Lot’s wife.

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  1. Will Stott

    Wow, I had not thought of that. Sharing on my blog http://www.trawdaddy.blogspot.com

    • Jorge Fernandez

      This is not true. The message is misinterpreted. The message is to let go of materialism, vanity, hate, anger, jeoulousy….all things unholy. In the end we will be with Jesus looking down on billions who could not let go. A few will come to their senses and release their worldly view and ascend with us, but Jesus will tell us not to cry because it is not our burden, because it is his and our Father God. Jesus will then be commanded by God to bring us to him. Live in love now and give love to all no matter their trespasses. This will prepare you for the day when Jesus returns. To give you hope, God sent Jesus to Mt. Of Olives and that is where he waits for God’s command to gather his children. He’s been there since the end of last year. All the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are the sign that the day is nearing. When Jesus appears, he will stand above the mountain and place his feet on both sides of the mountain, splitting Israel into an island making it untouchable to evil. Fire will fall from the sky because of volcanic rock falling back to earth. Volcanic ash will block the son turning day into night. Red and yellow will light the world because of all the fire. Satellite’s will not work because they can’t send signals through the ash. The systems of this world are no longer operable and set the setting for the evil one to take souls. When we ascend, it is during this time of crisis, so we will witness the destruction of the earth, but be safe from all the danger. God wants you to read John, Matthew and Zechariah. This will prepare your soul.

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