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Dream: Don’t trust your neighbor, only trust ME – Anyonomus

FEMA Dream – Anyonomus

During prayer FATHER spoke, “Don’t trust your neighbor, only trust ME”

Later I had this dream: In my neighborhood a black SUV pulled up and parked in front of my house. Some FEMA folks came to the door and told me my wife and we had to go with them. I politely said, “No we are staying put.” We were then told we would probably starve. I still declined and they left and went next door. A few minutes later I saw my neighbor with his wife and daughter walking toward the FEMA SUV. I hollered, “Don’t do that we will help you”. They turned around and went back into their house. Later my neighbor came over and like a foolish Hezekiah, I show him all our prep supplies and food. He left with enough provisions for a few days. A couple of days later FEMA came back and forcefully confiscated all our supplies. As we were being escorted to the SUV I saw my neighbor. I asked him how he could betray us. He said, “You couldn’t expect us only to eat canned chicken and soup could you. That’s crappy food compared to what we have at the center.”

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