Dream: “Day time turned into dark greenish skies. Then came the first blast” Marty Breeden

By Marty Breeden

Dream June 27, 2017
It was a normal day at work, the air became thick with anticipation . Then I heard the alarms go off .
The day time turned into dark greenish skies. Then came the first blast, I was at work. The first blast come with the force and thrust of a tornado.

Oddly it blew my cell phone out of my hand and my wristwatch off of my wrist.
I was with co-workers but every man and woman was frantic to reach their loved ones.
Some people were riding bikes trying to act as if the event hadn’t even happened, complete and total denial as destruction encompassed all around them.
Something happened as they could not communicate normally anymore, even with their speech because of the trauma of that which they had seen and which was yet to come.
I saw one girl who I had went to school with, her name was Georgia. I spoke to her and she denied that she knew me, but I knew better. She is passed years ago, I was confused by this.

The warning alarms never stopped, the speaking of instructions never ceased through the massive loudspeakers that seemed to play a pre-recorded message over and over and over again.

Every man, every woman trying with great desperation to reach their loved ones . For if you were separated when this hit ALL FORMS OF COMMUNICATION CEASED immediately .

One had to walk and hope and pray to find loved ones and when they came together, it was by happenstance or the mercy of God.

Even normal and dependable Police radio communications were interrupted not allowing agencies to speak to one another .
It was impossible to get out on the radio to speak to command or get instructions or directions.
Each officer became his own personal command, because of separation.
Each officer was trying to get to his family to protect them or to discover their fate, just the desire to see them once again was overwhelming!

People had been displaced and the landscaped had changed so dramatically that people did not even recognize their own neighborhoods. Day had ceased and only thick greenish air became a constant night.
One could no longer tell if there was even a sun that existed.
Often the people were not able to discern whether they had arrived home or not, everything had changed. The landscape had changed, it was all different now, for nothing looked the same.

Law and order fell upon each man and many lost their minds in fearful desperation. I saw men in suits running frantically through the streets clashing their heads screaming out of their minds, for they knew life had changed forever in a second of time!

The roaring sounds came, then the impact, then the winds, then the greenish night air, then the message again with the seeming same message blasting again and again…..it seemed as if all the plans that had been made, no one was close to being ready. The search was frantic to find loved ones.

I saw the looks of fear,and total desperation, the looks of finality…..
I awoke…..


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