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Dream: “Barack Hussein Obama – he is the beast.” – Sujit Thomas

Dream: “Barack Hussein Obama – he is the beast.” – Sujit Thomas

I am writing you to share some dreams (and a particular one among them) that I had a while back. I have to now step out in faith and share because for some time I’ve felt a leading to do so.

Before I received this particular dream, I’d asked the Lord about the matter, and the Lord had only given me verbal affirmations that Barack Hussein Obama was the beast. I think the earliest affirmation was on the night of May 26, 2016, as I meditated on Revelation 13. At the time I was confused and unsure about this matter, but when I meditated on that passage that night, this is what I received: “Barack Hussein Obama – he is the beast.”

All along I kept asking the Lord to show me the truth of this matter in a dream or a vision. I wanted to see it for myself. I got a few more verbal affirmations, but no dreams or visions transpired.

However, on February 11, 2017, while I was napping in the afternoon, I saw the following dream.

I honestly don’t know if I imagined this, but this is what I saw, and this is my first dream about Obama: I saw Obama walking across a dais (low platform) from left to right. About halfway across the dais, I saw him turn back while still walking forward and flash one of his trademark smiles. He was so much his usual self. Then when he turned back to face the direction he was walking in, he turned into an indescribable beast. All I know is that one second it was Obama there, and in the same second, it was now this beast. I only have a vague recollection of the appearance of this beast, but it was unearthly. I believe I then saw a believer being marched up the dais to the beast. And the beast devoured his flesh and blood.

I had three dreams that afternoon of believers being tortured (shared below), and the above dream was the last.

Interrogation Dream:
My hands were tied behind my back, and I was already sitting on a chair with my head physically pressed down to the right on a table before me. There was someone with me, and I knew I was being interrogated. I felt someone had kept beating me on the left side of my face with my head physically pressed down to the right on the table. [I think I was being beaten for refusing to answer the interrogator’s questions.] To give some relief to the right side of my head, I tried to rest the left side of my head on the table but was unable to. I then sat straight and said I would tell them what they wanted to know because I wanted the beating to stop, at least temporarily. Then the interrogator asked me the location of some people who I knew were Christians. I refused to answer the question, and the beating began once more. Here, this dream ended.

Face-burning Dream:
The left side of my face was held down on some kind of table. I was asked to deny Jesus, but I refused. I don’t think in the dream I knew what was going to be done to me. Then someone switched on some kind of a blowtorch on the underside of the table, and they began burning the left half of my face. All the time they kept asking me to deny Jesus. I didn’t hear myself scream, but I heard myself thinking while the left half of my face was being burned, “If I deny Jesus, I will have to undergo a far worse torture than this for all eternity.”

I chose not to deny. So the torture continued. Here, this dream ended.

[In between these scenes, I found myself thinking how if I am tortured to death in one way, could I be tortured to death in an entirely different way. I believe it was impressed upon me that I was not “me” in the dream, but represented believers who would be tortured.]

Burned Alive Dream:
This dream I only remember vaguely. It was another form of torture. I think I was burned alive. Again I didn’t hear myself scream, but I heard myself thinking while my whole body was engulfed in flames, Lord, have mercy, and forgive them.

Prior to these four, I had another dream of soon-to-come persecution, which I record below.

Physical Beating Dream:
I was on the floor, being beaten with sticks, heavy sticks. After I’d been beaten black and blue and with my face all bloodied, I stumbled to my feet, and raising my right hand, I said to the men who were beating me, “Jesus is Lord.” This infuriated them so much that they resumed their beating until I collapsed to the ground exhausted. I think I was left for dead. Here, this dream ended.

And this afternoon, as I pondered sharing the dream about Obama with you, the following scripture and what I received upon meditating on it (received on an entirely different day) was highlighted to me. Considering what I saw in that dream, the wording of this meditation is striking:

But these people, like irrational animals—creatures of instinct born to be caught and destroyed—speak blasphemies about things they don’t understand, and in their destruction they too will be destroyed (2 Pet. 2:12).

“Beasts are different from men. I created men in My own image. If they choose to behave like beasts, then they will not inherit the everlasting life I intend for all men. Rather, they will perish like beasts.

Instinct is good but only if it is led by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has nothing to do with the beasts of the earth. Therefore, if men choose to behave like the beasts of the earth, then the Holy Spirit will have nothing to do with them either.

It is not My will that they perish. I have made provision for them that they may stand. I have made provision for them that they may inherit everlasting life. The flesh is on the road to perishing because it is corrupt, and all instincts of that corrupt flesh are corrupt too. The corruption must put on incorruption. For there is no room for corruption in My heavenly kingdom.”

In Christ,


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