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Dream: Astonishing “War-Fare” – Marty Breeden

Marty Breeden

Dream: Astonishing “War-Fare”

June 16, 2018

**Please read this dream from last night and seek the Lord as to what it means for you, …as always judge it according to the standards of God’s Holy Word.

Last night I saw in a dream astonishing “War-Fare”.

The ENTIRE atmosphere was “contaminated”
It was very very dark and stormy.
Every single second there were lightnings and thunderings and warnings and new warnings and alarms going off!

I saw men standing guard in their doors and windows awaiting the arrival of enemy forces.
I saw the terrible look of dread and battle fatigue on the faces of these men and women.
Especially as I witnessed these parents losing their children in the battle.
Oh my how they would grieve!!!

It was Gut wrenching to watch them weep and mourn yet knowing that they themselves had to get right back in the battle !!

I saw buildings burning, children being rebellious to their parents,…. parents turning on their children.
I saw this ALL throughout our land!
Then I saw that it went beyond our borders and into other nations.
There was war as I have never seen it, total destruction and carnage everywhere.
One report after another of more victims and more targets.
At one point I stopped and said:

“God,…is this hell itself?”
He was silent…..
I was so confused, and scared…
It seemed that everything around me was in COMPLETE and TOTAL CHAOS!

It was then that I recalled my own life and circumstances and stood there in this,…dream….as I was wondering:

No longer able to take time to stop myself , …..I found that it seemed that there was no choice whether or not to engage or disengage in this fight….
I was there and I HAD TO BE IN IT!!

It was almost IMPOSSIBLE to even concentrate on the enemy in front of you, because YOU WERE LOOKING for the waves and waves of attacks that you knew were coming from every corner.
I saw the enemy, I saw his weaponry…

But I had to stop again and ask God another question….
I asked:
“Lord, Is this the Great Tribulation?”
He was silent…..once again I was so confused!

I was immediately thrust right back into the battle….With everything I had I cried out to the Lord:
“God….WHAT is this?? WHAT am I seeing????”….”Is THIS my lot for all eternity?”

Finally, I heard the “still small voice” of what I believe was the Holy Spirit say:

“THIS, is what is now taking place in the the spirit realm…..it is overflowing into the physical….
It IS….as you have considered ,..meant to “wear out the saints” (I knew this to be a quote from Daniel 7:25)
It is NOW TIME for you to return to your “First Love” and DO what you KNOW to do…
You must STAND on what you KNOW!
The Word, the blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony….
This is all you have, it is all you need!!!!”

I awoke…..

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