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Dream: April Fool’s Day Return of Jesus – Janet Jones Carpenter


Dream: April Fool’s Day Return of Jesus

March 21, 2018
Janet Jones Carpenter

My husband Carl woke me up from a dream at 3:33 am on 3-7-2017

I was dreaming that I had to go to court concerning my ex husband and his family in Arkansas. My Arizona attorney was there to represent me; my mother, my dead maternal grandmother, my ex, my ex’s family and my current husband were all there.

We were all at a courthouse I was unfamiliar with but I thought it may have been new. We arrived in the late morning to the courthouse in a burgundy colored rental car. The parking lot was packed with no places left to park. I found a grassy spot where several people were parking. The spot had white spray painted marks on it as if a child had created them. We, my mom, husband and I, hurried out of the car and into the courthouse. I located my attorney. The halls and the court rooms were jam packed with people. My attorney told me to wait until she came for me. We waited and waited case after case, group of people after group of people. I entered the courtroom a couple of times thinking I may have not heard them calling my name over the commotion from the packed courthouse. Each time, the case did not involve me nor did I see my attorney or anyone associated with the case. It was now at the end of the day. I could not locate my attorney. My mom was still with me but my husband was gone. The courthouse was about to close. I went to one of the clerk windows and asked about it. The clerk said that I owed some money for the day. This was shocking as nothing had occurred. It was an amount I cannot remember exactly but was six hundred dollars and something. I pulled out a credit card to pay for it and realized not only was it the last amount of money I had but… I could not locate my cell phone to call anyone. I found my mom again and we went outside of the courthouse. There was my dead maternal grandmother with a group of ladies telling me to eat what looked like a mini maple glazed donut. She told me it was sweet. I told her I couldn’t eat and wasn’t hungry. We were going to the car to see if I had left my cell phone in the car. The car was missing. I was shocked again. In its place was a muddy grassy area with a lot of bibles in the mud. They were all looked like mine. I started to panic that one of them was mine and was digging in the mud. My bible is a book of many colors as over the years I have marked all through it and I also have pictures of my family glued into the blank pages. I was digging in the mud and realized my bible was not there and felt relief. I was very sad to see all the bibles in the mud. I then saw my ex husband standing outside with his family against the courthouse wall all hatefully told me that my car had been towed away. I asked if I could borrow a phone and they laughed saying no. My mom and I went back into the courthouse. The clerks gave me the address and phone number for the place that towed away vehicles. This time I noticed there was tape all over every door, window, entrance and exit. Like caution tape, only it wasn’t yellow. It was dark blue, black and red with the words “It’s the end of the world, Jesus is coming”. The tape was to mock Jesus and all his children. The entire place was full of people mocking Jesus and the bible. My mother and I headed downtown on foot to locate the tow shop before they too would close. It was almost dark when we located it. The shop had two young women working and one had a little girl. I helped the little girl climb over the counter to her mother. They told me it was going to cost an amount I cannot remember exactly how much but it was two hundred and something dollars. I started crying. While I was crying and telling my story, one of the ladies went to the car, retrieved my cell phone and bible to give to me. I gave her a credit card and told her I did not know if it would go through or not. I started praying and was so sad over everything.

Then in an instant, I heard a voice. It was a loud masculine voice and the whole world heard it. The voice shouted “I’m No Fool”! This shout was felt as well. After the voice had shouted aloud to the whole world “I’m no fool” I realized it was April Fool’s Day and it was in fact the end of the world as we had known it. By this time it was dark and the night sky split open and Jesus came out. He had returned and was tired of all the mocking. The whole world was caught off guard at the timing. No one expected him to return on that day. His face is still etched in my memory as well as the look in his eyes.

Hosea 11:10 – They shall walk after the LORD: he shall roar like a lion: when he shall roar, then the children shall tremble from the west.

Revelation 17:14-These will wage war against the Lamb, and the Lamb will overcome them, because He is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those who are with Him are the called and chosen and faithful.

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