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Dream about The Obama’s – Teresa Graham

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Dream about The Obama’s

November 11, 2020 10:50 AM
Teresa Graham

Dream 10/19/20

(Note: Let me begin by stating that Taylar is my adult daughter who died in July of 2017)

I was in a house that is unfamiliar to me. I saw Barak and Michele Obama, and other people I do not know. The Obama’s were the center of everything going on in my dream.

People swooned over them, and would do whatever they said; and/or engage in whatever they were doing.

Michele seemed to engage the most with people, and she kept everything moving (in the background), and Barak was the one in the front who smiled and interacted with key individuals (his inner circle).

I sat down at a table in front of someone I knew in the dream, and we talked with each other. It was a general conversation. Michele Obama showed up and sat down with us at the table. She carefully listened and would interject occasional comments. At one point my friend (in the dream only – I don’t recall seeing the person’s face), pointed out that there are things about me (referring to me) that I don’t like. I shook my head up-and-down in agreement. When I did that Michele spoke up and began to compliment me and tell me how great I look. I mentioned feeling uncomfortable about some blotches on my face. Again, she flattered me. I stood up to walk around. I noticed that wherever I went Michele was there, and she analyzed my every movement. I also noticed that strange things started happening to me. It was as if I would see myself start to do something, and then I would randomly change the way I did it, to even my surprise. For example, there was a young woman lying on the floor and I had walked over to talk with her. The woman carries on an adult conversation, as she laid on the floor (on her back), and she moved around, but she was unable to control her own body movements. As I was taking with the woman, I felt a strong need to scratch below the right side of my neck, and as I started to do so, I actually ended up scratching on the left side. I realized at that moment that Michele Obama knew what I was thinking, and she somehow rerouted my actions, regardless of my intent. She continued to stand close by and she watched me very closely. After I scratched the left side of my neck, she smiled at me, and acknowledged that I did the right thing.

While Michele was still standing beside me, and watching me, I had a random and urgent thought. “I needed to find Taylar, and or reach her by phone immediately!”. I do not even know why I felt an urgent need to contact her. I started looking for her in the house that I was in. I walked over to another room, as I heard women talking, and the door was opened. I looked inside and I saw 2 young women laying back in a rocking seat ( similar to the reclining seats in a movie theatre) and they were watching and talking about what they were viewing on the screen in front of them. The room was dark, but I could see them clearly. I did not look at what they were watching. I called Taylar’s name and looked to see if I could find her. They stopped talking and starred at me but did not say anything to me. Taylar was not there, so I moved on to look elsewhere. Michele had been following me. She spoke up and asked me for Taylar’s phone number, as she wanted to help me find her.

I opened my iPhone in order to retrieve Taylar’s phone number from my contacts. Strangely, when I opened my iPhone, I saw very unusual 3D images display on my screen, and the images were quickly changing to more and more images, and they were all being monitored real-time. I saw an image of the world (round globe) as if it were being recorded real-time from the atmosphere far above it. I also saw space that surrounds the earth, and it too was highly active. My entire phone screen was covered with live 3D images. I then touched the globe and it expanded into multiple sections and layers and everything was active/alive (e.g. space craft everywhere). I had no idea what I was looking at. I merely wanted to find Taylar’s number, so that I could share it with Michele, as she was determined to help me find Taylar. Michele stood there waiting on me to give her the number. I was embarrassed because I was struggling to understand what was happening to my phone, which made it nearly impossible to navigate the screens and find my contact list. I swiped the images up and down and left to right, and as I did that the world image that I started with would dissect into additional images with different sections and layers. I realized that literally everything on earth was viewable from a global level down to the smallest piece of information on every topic pertaining to every person, place, or thing. This includes live images that starts at the macro level and by touching and/or swiping the screen the live images would become more glandular, until the very smallest piece of data (like a phone number) could be seen. Even the phone number(s) could be touched (or a voice command given to activate the call), and the call would be made. Once I realized that I needed to drill down from the point on the globe that pinpointed exactly where I was standing (in the world) I could then dissect my personal location address, and I could then find everything that is known, and accessible by me.

I eventually found Taylar’s number, and Michele abruptly took my phone out of my hand and proceeded to make the call to Taylar on my behalf. The phone rang and rang, while Michele paced back and forth calling Taylar’s name. The phone was still ringing when I woke up.


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