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Dream about students pressured to take the vax – Jfkree Freedom

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Dream about students pressured to take the vax

August 10, 2021 3:40 AM
Jfkree Freedom

Dream from August 5, 2021

I felt led to share this dream, and I saw yesterday on the news this scenario has already begun playing out in Australia (at least in one school, see news article below). Not sure how it is in other countries, but in Austria 12-year-olds are already approved for the vax. Please share with your older children that they DO have a choice, although it was clear in this dream the students seemed to have no choice. That is a lie from the enemy. We always have a choice as free agents in Christ. God bless.


I dreamt about a classroom. I was a high school teacher doing normal prep in the morning, and in other classrooms the students were all taking the jab. Two government guys in shades and with at least one briefcase were overseeing the operation. My class came in through the door talking normally like kids do and I shouted with authority (not anger) to get their attention because there wasn’t much time, although normally the kids have several minutes to chat and settle down.

“12th grade! 12th grade! 12th grade students!”
The second they lowered their voices I asked, “Can you say ‘No’ to the vaxine?”

They looked confused and didn’t know the answer.
“Yes! You can say ‘No’!” I said one or two more things (can’t remember what it was) and they were rushed to get the vax. Other adults were accompanying them for the process (maybe administrators). The government guys looked at me longer than normal because of what I’d done and I looked back at them in defiance.

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