Dream, Rapture

Dream about Rapture – Elizabeth Schwartz


Dream about Rapture

September 14, 2021 3:05 PM
Elizabeth Schwartz

I had a dream about the Rapture, many years ago. Noticing at first n far off in the distance, what looked like a picture of Jesus, in the Sky.

(n What I think to term now maybe, ‘His Sign’ in the Sky). Approaching n getting closer n closer to where I was. As it did, His ‘picture’ grew bigger n bigger, more noticeable and more clear. His features more distinctly recognizable, as well, the closer it got. A sense of ‘looking forward to’ was in the air, the whole time. At one point, Suddenly, one day, the Atmosphere started Buzzing, Literally, it felt like. For Real. As if it was Alive with Pure Electricity! My spirit at once Startled, or Alerted n being ‘Just SO ALIVE’ too, with this Sudden Sense of Knowing and Excitement!!!

I was busy inside the house n as my spirit was awakened to the Reality of Something that was Actually, Really n Finally Happening, outside, it was like I was Aware Of It n I Was One,, at the same time, with Everyone Else, All Over, experiencing The Very Same Thing!

It Was A Joint Experience!OH, THE Excitement!!!!

I left what I was doing, ran outside, looked up into the sky, n THERE HE WAS!!!! 😥🙏My Lord!
My Saviour!

I Shouted in Excitement, “His Coming!!!! It’s Happening!!!! He said It Would Happen!!!! He Said it would Happen!!!

He did not lie!!!!!” “It Is True What He Said!!!!

Glory to God in the Highest!!!! The Buzz!!!! The Fiery Excitement of that Event Actually Happening!!! JESUS!!!!

I was like a little girl, Not Able to Contain Myself! I loved Him So Much!!!!!!!!!!! Dancing, Twirling Around, shouting Glory to God!!! you know, that Feeling n Those Actions! HE WAS HERE!!
HE DID NOT LIE when He Said that He Was Coming Back!!!!!

(Oh, Lord Jesus, we Love You!!!!❤🔥🎊🥳🤗😘😍😍😍😍)

I Loved Him So Much. That was the Overwhelming thought and feeling.

…The very next scene, in the dream, was that of me being amongst rows n rows n rows of a white-robed throng, walking into heaven. Row after row, after row. The very first thing I remember, I thought n did, after becoming aware of my surroundings, n as we were marching onwards, into…was that of looking in front of me, to the sides of me, and turning around, trying to locate my family members. ‘My family. Are they here?’ I wanted to know that they were there and I longed to see them there. I longed to have that

Assurance that they were there.

As our row got to the front, there, to my right, was what I believe must have been an Angel, standing behind what I will term a ‘table’, for now, for a lack of being able to better and fully describe what I saw there. It was placed sideways. As if not to block the way forward, or the way in, but like as a station, that we had to report to, Individually, nonetheless, before we had permission to continue on in. I moved into position and a huge ‘Book’ that was laying on the table, Open, was paged through by the Angel.
He got to where my ‘Place’ was and he showed me something that was written or inscribed there, about me and for me. (😥Reverent fear of God tears…) In the dream I read, I saw n perfectly understood, I knew Exactly what was written there, it was Revealed to me, or Interpreted in me, as I saw it, but upon my waking from the dream the knowledge and memory of what I saw written down, had been removed by God🙏.)

Reading or Seeing what the Angel showed me, was where the dream ended.

– Elizabeth Schwartz

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