Dream, Obama


Sorin Antohi

Sunday March 17, 2019

Would you kindly confirm if the LORD allows the meaning of this Dream i had, thank you.


I was placed in an Undisclosed Underground Bunker or Passage Way somewhere in the United States, with many rooms.

I saw many boxes piled up in a heap one on top of each other – into many different rooms. The lighting was extremely hard to see and greyish.

There were about 4 – 5 people in total who began telling me


These boxes had no Inscriptions, Markings or Labels whatsoever, I wanted to get closer enough so I could see inside & to open one at a time…

In the process, before doing this in comes Storming through these two doors

Mr Barack Obama and he looks around very suspiciously.

He asked the couple of people who were with me “DID HE SEE/ FIND ANYTHING?”

I then proceeded to say ”No, I am but only passing through here”

We wanted to leave that dark & eary place very quickly.

Mr OBAMA turned around and looked at me very intently, he then folded both of his two arms and stood still, we then all left together.

End of Dream.

( NOTES ) As Mr OBAMA was standing before me I can now understand that the image he portrayed looked very similar to the one of The King of Babylon, who the End Time Prophet Daniel had seen.


Bro Sorin


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  1. Trinidadwarrior777

    When my husband and I traveled to Alaska we took a boat tour in Sewart . We took a picture of this Underground bunker that the tourguide mentioned was used during world war 2 by troops. For some reason this came to mind when I saw the title of this post. Its way out one the water, very seculded and they said it was not very well known. I wonder….

  2. Will Ferrell

    As a conservative, scientist, and Bible based believer your dream can mean many things. One meaning could be your thoughts about the former President Obama and your assumption of his hidden agenda and secret lifestyle will soon be recognized and exposed. It could predict the future of the former Presidents secret hidden past or present agenda will soon be in the light. Or a secret society knows top secret information. Or it could mean someone in your waking life that have characteristics similar to how you feel about Obama, you may possibly find out some sensitive information. What is done in the dark comes to the light. Lastly, it could mean you participating in or your inclusion in an organization that deals with heavy hidden information about others. I am a dream interpreter. Please pray and ask God for clarification. He will give it to you.

  3. Kenneth Heck

    This is a very credible dream. There are many secret bunkers and underground bases in America and around the world, especially constructed after WW II. They are generally referred to as DUMB’s or “deep underground military bases.” Dr. Richard Sauder has written several books about them, the best known being “Hidden in Plain Sight.” DUMB’s are also an internet
    subject of interest.

    Obama’s presence may be representative of the extreme leftist government in power in America’s future sometime after Trump leaves office.

  4. BRW

    Underground tunnels….like those used by terrorists who attack Israel….Obama’s support for Iran in Nuclear Agrerment and returning $400 billion to them in cash on pallets hence allowing their continued support of terrorists underground planning of attacks….Obama also allowed many To enter the USA under his administration. Hence sleeper cells….hidden agendas ….secrecy….all in preparation ….boxes…..waiting….Obama’s stance. Waiting

  5. David Mehew

    There are underground bases located around the globe .Some underwater – in the Atlantic & Pacific. I’ve heard there are @300 in the US alone. Also megatrain tunnels that connect the main bases, most are concentrated in the “4 corners area. Listen to a former sniper who worked at the Dulce base as Security (an underground laboratory where horrific human experiments are performed) His name is Greg Rinchich, but he’s more easily found by the name of LtCol SC (SC for South Carolina where he lived at one time) Realize that many in the gov’t are not aware of the great evil they perpetuate)

  6. David Mehew

    I’d like to tell folks that the Satanic Illuminati believe a very different way. I think they believe that by being the perpetrators of evil, that they contribute a resistance to mankind’s evolution. This resistance creates a impetus for mankind to put forth more effort to stretch it’s boundaries. In so doing it becomes apparent that it’s quite easy to overstep certain paraments. Children governing children with childish wisdom. It is said that the 3D level is based on dualism: black&white, good&evil, up&down, etc.

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