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Dream: A Judgment of God – Janet Jones Carpenter

Janet Jones Carpenter

Febuary 13, 2019

Dream in early morning of 02-13-2019- A Judgment of God

Please understand I do not wish to gain notoriety, nor do I believe I am better than any other Child of God nor do I profess to be a prophetess. I am simply a Child of God who is trying to share messages from my Lord and Savior, Yeshua who is also called Jesus. There is great urgency in this late hour for saving the lost. All the mocking received is well worth it if even one soul is saved, even if that soul only be my own.

Last night, while in prayer before bed, I asked God to please give me another word or dream.

The following is my most recent dream.

I was shown an unfamiliar, northerly, small touristy town. It was nestled high in a mountainous area with beautiful picturesque trees and greenery. The rock was of a beautiful gray color. It was a beautiful, quiet, calm and peaceful sunny but cool day with only a few people walking about the small town shops. (Note: It was very calm). A few of the shops appeared to cater to outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing and rappelling. Then I was shown the town had a large damn at its edge in between two mountainous areas. The water contained in the damn appeared to be very deep and clean. I understood that the view I was receiving was facing north. To the right of the damn, still facing north, was an opening to a cave in the mountainous area.

Next, the dream changed from a viewing point of view to one of interaction.

My husband and I were walking through the small towns little shops along the streets. (Note: Our children were not with us for some reason). We heard someone in one of the shops telling others that the high winds that were spreading across the earth were headed towards the small town. It was on the radio in the shop as well. The winds that were spreading over the entire earth were at a speed of 500 miles per hour and were literally stripping away all evidence of any life. (Note: At this point in the dream it was understood that God was stripping the earth of everything with the winds).

My husband and I, in a rush, went into one of the little shops that sold sporting goods. We had decided to buy repelling harnesses to attach to a very long royal blue rope we had. My husband had the idea of keeping us together along with others on the rope. (Note: my husband and I do go repelling and none of our ropes are royal blue in color). We asked the store clerk, a young man wearing green and red, where to locate the harnesses but the clerk informed us that there were none left. My husband then suggested we hurry to the cave near the damn and go inside for shelter.

As we made it to the cave, we could feel the beginning of the wind. It was gradual but we knew it would not be long before the full force of the wind would be felt. When we entered the cave, we saw that there were several other people with the same idea. Everyone was very frightened in the cave. Every person seemed to be so shaken that they were still and silent. (Note: I saw no small children in the cave or dream that I would say was under the age of 13). There was a chain link fenced in area inside the cave to the left. It appeared to have been used by the employees of the damn for storage of something including what looked like old generators. There was a light in the area. (Note: The light was hung by a visually apparent wire enclosed with yellow wrapping that was attached to the top of the cave. At the end of the wire was the light fixture that had a single light bulb hanging without any protection inside of a globe. It was one of the older light bulbs and not a newer LED bulb). There were several people in this area. In particular, there was a family with a couple of teenage girls that were taking shelter. My husband tied the rope around each of them in a manner as to link us all together in succession on the rope. It appeared that we were each about 10 feet apart on the rope.

Then the high winds hit the town with the sound of a great roar. When looking out of the cave all that could be seen was what looked like a white mist. (Note: The breath of God is what came to mind at this point in the dream. God breathed life into man and now God was going to use breath to take away the life of man). The winds created a vacuum in the cave and were pulling everything and even people out of the cave. When the winds hit, I felt judgment upon me. It was a frightening experience. As I looked around, it was understood, every person felt the judgment and that it was God’s judgment. (Note: In the dream I asked God why I was feeling this judgment, wasn’t I his child and hadn’t I been covered by the blood of Yeshua through my repentance? It was then understood that I was supposed to feel what it was like to be judged by the Living God and how fearful it will be to every person). It was a very terrifying feeling! People literally were so frightened they could not move or speak but only watch. I’m not so sure some had not had heart attacks by the looks on their faces.

The end of the royal blue rope was sucked out of the cave but everyone my husband had tied to the rope was still inside the cave. We were all in the air as if we would be sucked out of the cave but suspended remained in the air.

Then the dream ended. When I awakened, I was amazed at this form of judgment. Most of my dreams have been about earthquakes, tsunami’s and storms. However, never have I had a dream about the breath of God taking life in the form of high winds at 500 miles an hour over the entire earth.

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