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Dream: A HUGE EARTHQUAKE IS COMING – Blake Dave Gorchynski

Blake Dave Gorchynski


August 26, 2018

I woke up after 11pm having had a 2 hour nap. In my dream I was back in my home where I grew up in Manitoba Canada. Jesus was talking to me in person. I never saw what he looked like as in reality I said to Jesus I don’t ever want to see you until I see you in person. I saw his robes arms and feet/sandals. He said to me A HUGE EARTHQUAKE IS COMING. I was scared. I feared for my life. He said not to be scared that he is with me and quoted Isaiah 41:10 (interesting verse as I saw this verse quoted 25 times in the last 2 months on social media). After the dream I go and tell my mom (a Christian) about the dream and she laughs at me. My friend Mazi was with her also a Christian and he knows the Bible thoroughly and I told him about the dream and the scripture Jesus quoted me and he mumbled something that he seemed not to care. Dream ended.

1. Confirmation of dream came right after by Mazi texting me. What’s new. I said I woke up from having a dream. He said did I have any prophetic dreams or visions. I said why would you say that. Told him about dream and that he was in it.

2.) The next day I was sharing this dream by texting a brother using my Apple iPhone. I explained the entire dream and then as I was typing what I thought the interpretation of the dream was about and that because these 2 Christians were not interested in the end times and or laughing about it I texted these words and no word of a lie what happened next “Many pastors are not teaching about the end-times in their churches”. As I typed those words in quotations my iPhone got incrementally brighter quickly by 3 times!

3.) 3 hours later I was typing my dream to a brother in comments of his Facebook post and as I was typing these words in quotes “A Huge Earthquake is coming” my iPhone gets incrementally darker by 3 times! Coincidence? Why wouldn’t it have gotten brighter or darker in just other normal sentences, it happened at key sentences that obviously the Lord Jesus wanted highlighted! It is impossible to brighten or lighten the iPhone screen unless one goes manually to settings and make the adjustments. This I believe is a warning ⚠️ to all of us whether we be Christians or Non/Christians from Jesus!

4.) my brother in Christ, Shane said it could also mean A huge Earthquake is coming- that so much spiritual error in the church. End time deceptions. Christians not unified. A sister in Christ commented like a spiritual tsunami! I agreed that prophecy can have a double attendre or a double meaning and agreed with that and sensed in my spirit he was right too; however, because I feared for my life in my dream that an actual land
Earthquake was coming too which
would affect many people far and wide).

Blake Dave Gorchynski

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