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Dream 12/22/17: Giant nephilim rebuked in the name of Jesus – Ivette Ellis

By Ivette Ellis
Dream 12/22/17: Giant nephilim rebuked in the name of Jesus

On December 22, 2017, I dreamed I was driving down a two-lane road. Traffic slowed up just ahead of me and I wondered what was causing the slow down. As I continued to slowly move, I noticed a university on the right side of the road.

As I got closer, I saw lots of students standing outside and talking. Then, I noticed two giants. One was about 13 feet tall. This being was not human and it’s coloring was mostly light taupe. He seemed to have assimilated into society without much fanfare as he mingled among the crowd.

Then, I noticed a much taller being, about 30-40 feet tall. It was bulky, like the television character “the hulk.” He looked very evil and became angry and picked up the car behind me and threw it into a field on the left side of my car. Then, he came after me because I had gotten out of my car. He grabbed my hair. I fell to the ground and I couldn’t move. Finally, he let me go after I rebuked him in the name of Jesus.

I got up and went inside the university and entered a science classroom where everyone was seated and waiting for the professor to begin his instruction. He entered the room and began discussing wave patterns and the resulting shifts in the bottom of the ocean. He said there would be an increase of hurricanes and pointed to the map of the United States. Specifically, he pointed to the lower southern part of the nation. As I looked at the map, the states from Texas through North Carolina lifted up off of the map.

I turned and told a lady sitting near me that it would happen. A researcher and geologist was sitting behind me. He said he would conduct research in a remote location soon in relation to what the professor had been discussing.

The scene changed and I was looking down on the researcher/geologist. I saw another giant approach him while he was in a phone booth, speaking with a colleague about his research. This giant was very large, at least 300 feet tall. He picked up the phone booth and swallowed it with the researcher inside of it. End of the dream.


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