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Don’t ever give up

August 17, 2921 12:28 PM
Teri Henessey

Aug 17/21 8:30AM

Good morning brothers and sisters. I wanted to share a vision that the Lord gave me this morning during my prayer time. This vision goes along with the latest word our Father gave me which I shared on this site just yesterday. He said in that word that this journey is not for the faint of heart and this vision confirms just how strong we need to be to make it to Him. I feel like this vision was given with a sense of childlike simplicity. The vision itself was drawn out kind of like a cartoon that you would see in a newspaper comic strip.

In the vision I see this river valley and the river is incredibly long, going on for miles and miles, it is very dark and deep, and very fast, and is completely surrounded by high and large mountains. From the perspective of being in the water and swimming in the direction that feels like North (upward), there is a very tall mountain off in the distance, the river seems like it is slanted upward heading toward the mountain. The current of the river is flowing downstream, against us. In the far distance, at the very end of the river, I see Jesus. He is squat down with his arms out wide. He is as tall and as big as the mountain behind Him. Everyone in the river can see Him. He is smiling, empathetic and cheering us on to keep going. (He reminds me of a mom or dad, holding out their arms to a toddler who is just taking their first steps, ready to catch at the moment they fall). The river is full of His children, each one going through their own battle to keep swimming. It is also filled with hungry crocodiles, large boulders, sharp and jagged rocks, quicksand and underwater currents. All are swimming toward Jesus. Like salmon moving upstream, the journey seems long and impossible. But, I discern that Jesus is the prize at the end of this incredible feat. His arms are out showing us that we need to keep swimming, that our reward is His embrace. We are all wearing water wings around our arms, we have floatation devices and life jackets. However, from time to time, a crocodile or sharp rock punctures a hole and we think we are going to sink, but they are immediately replaced with brand new water wings and floatation devices each time we need them to be. Jesus shows me that He gives, has given and will continue to give us all we need to keep swimming. The crocodiles, rocks, and all the other obstacles are in our path, but he has equipped us with exactly what we need (His word) to make them move out of our way. We command them to move in the name of Jesus, and they move. Some of us have been in this water for years and we have no strength left. Some have been so overwhelmed by the hardship of swimming in this tumultuous river and have literally walked out of it, ultimately giving up. I see some that are stronger than others and will hold on to someone who is feeling weak and is unable to swim for lack of strength. The stronger ones are helping the weaker ones and ultimately giving them time to rest and regain their strength. Some are frightened, others are brave. The crocodiles are hungry and snapping at us trying to take a bite out of any of us (strong and weak). The rocks are jagged and most of His children are covered in scars from gashes and cuts that the Lord heals as quickly as they happen.
End of Vision

After the vision ended, I asked the Lord why we have to go through such a difficult and dangerous river just to prove our love and devotion to him, why such a tremendous and incredible struggle, especially when he already knows the heart. Why can’t we just love him and have a happy and peaceful life. He gave me an understanding (discernment) that this journey on the river is not so much about proving our love or devotion to Him because yes, He indeed knows our heart, but that this is about the much needed discovery of finding out within ourselves how strong we really are. He knows already who is truly devoted to Him, He knows who genuinely loves Him. This river is about us proving to ourselves that we have the strength (His strength), more than we realize, we have the graces He gives us to overcome this obstacle course and that when we get to the end, we will be strong like Him. This is a testament to who the Lord made us to be (in HIs image). We have a very real enemy, it is in the river with us, it tries to take us down and take us out so that we won’t make it to the Lord because when we get to the finish line, there will be no stopping us and that is because we just swam the river of death and we came out victorious on the other side. The enemy knows that when we reach the finish line, he (the enemy) is finished and so he’s trying to take us out before we take him out. This river is to show us who we are in the Lord. Who He made us to be.

I pray my brothers and sisters in Christ that we all keep swimming. Don’t ever give up, no matter how tired, how weak or how beat up you are. Jesus is right there to provide us all with healing, new water wings, new life jackets and reminds us everyday that the word of God is our weapon to make every obstacle move out of our path. We also have brothers and sisters who are at times, stronger and they are holding on to us and pulling us through the river to give our legs a rest when we need it. We will have to do the same for them when we get stronger and they get weaker. The body of Christ is truly meant to help each member work together to get to the finish line. It is accomplished by way of prayer. Pray for each other. We are all going to make it. Don’t walk out of the river, no matter what! Our prize, our reward at the end of this river is the loving and protecting embrace of our Lord and Savior. And when we reach the end, we will see, we had it all along. Strength. God’s strength, for He gave us His heart and His heart is Strong. Amen

heart and His heart is strong. Amen

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