Dome of Angels – Mike M

Dome of Angels

October 28, 2019
Mike M

I was in prayer during a worship and prayer service the other day online and i closed my eyes and God gave me a vision. I saw Angels as if hovering over a holy dome of glory which was placed over me. They swirled around with intention and focus. And then I saw the silver cords which were all around me pull back up and away from me and out of the top of the dome. They went back to those to whom they belonged. The cords were thicker in the middle than on the ends. And as they went up and away from me, the holy spirit said to me, “I am going to save so many to whom these silver cords belong”. It’s God’s mercy. And he cleared the spiritual air around me because I turned to him in prayer and worship. He showed me what happens in the spirit. It’s very encouraging and motivational and beautiful! It was like a symphony and had glory to it. God does things with such beauty because this is who he is. He cannot deny himself. I hope this may encourage someone else today. I went from a dark place to a place of light and honor. He’s just waiting for us to gather together more so more blessings can flow in the midst of us. He is a God of orderly worship. His order. We are stronger together than apart.

God Bless you!

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