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Dollar Collapse, Food Shortages, Water Crisis & SHTF Situation In Cuba Is Worse Than I Thought – KingCashYT


Dollar Collapse, Food Shortages, Water Crisis & SHTF Situation In Cuba Is Worse Than I Thought


July 15, 2021


Auto Generated Transcript

stupid some people are they took
everybody’s money in cuba they dis like
confiscated everybody’s money
their shortage on everything on food on
everything in cuba
look at what’s going on they’re just
killing presidents and
you know what i mean look at what’s
going on in africa
and we are just going on about our
everyday life like nothing’s gonna
dude america is next they are doing it
over there
just like uh assimilation all right
we haven’t built a military vehicle uh
imported on every in every state you can
you know trains at night time they got
tanks they got hummers they got all
kinds of military equipment
going to every state why
because they’re getting ready to pull
the switch here too and you’re not ready
so let me tell you what’s going on
there’s no coffins for dead bodies
if you have a dead family member they
get pronounced dead they get
wrapped in a bed sheet you get you get
the you got delivered the dead body
and you have to take it home with you
what you do with the body they don’t
you have to figure it out if you don’t
have a car they don’t provide
transportation and you have to take the
dead body home walking
there’s no drinking water food costs 200
us dollars
a pound of rice costs 200 us dollars you
don’t want to know how much a 10 pound
one costs
my favorite part canadian dollars is the
currency of cuba right now
if you don’t have family here in the
united states to give you money
you have to figure it out you have to
figure it out
because the only way you can get money
in cuba is if you get it sent to you by
oh and here it takes months to get to
they shut off their light and water at
seven as soon as the sun goes down your
electricity gets shut
internet is shot right now worldwide in
cuba that’s why we’re not getting any
new news
but we have family there everybody’s out
on the streets right now just the same
way they were yesterday they’re on the
streets right now
there’s no medication there’s no advil
there’s no antibiotics there’s no
butterfly needles there’s no ivs there’s
there’s nothing and now is when people
are hearing
the screams out of cuba
i’m sick and tired of this dictatorship
and my whole life
when we visited cuba you could not say a
against the government this is what i
as of 6 14 20 21
4 11 pm central standard time
there has been credible threats
made toward our municipalities
and our financial infrastructure
there you have it that’s why you need to
all non-perishables fuel
batteries and water very credible
made toward these
once the big machine stops turning
and you’re not prepared that’s when you
need to be afraid
don’t be fearful of my videos take heed
to the warning
and get prepared that’s all i’m trying
to do is help out
whether you believe it or not that’s on
this whole cuba situation is actually
worse than i thought
and you guys know i made a video about
this whole situation that’s taken place
over there a few days ago
and you have to keep in mind that this
stuff that we’re going to start seeing
because with what these people who are
running things have planned out
and have in store for humanity is not
good and they’ve been on video even
telling you that
the next big thing is going to be worse
than what we’ve seen in 2020
2020 was just the warm up slash dry run
for them to see how easily they’d be
able to pull it off
and soon nobody knows the exact day
but eventually they’re gonna flip the
switch and
you know when it happens those who
didn’t take these things seriously are
gonna regret not taking these things
seriously and are gonna regret not
hitting these warnings so continue to
prepare as much as possible
by the way um i’ve been doing a lot of
posting of other people’s content
recently i’m not going to make this a
habit but i feel like it’s necessary for
me to do it just at a time like this
because of the
um just all the craziness that’s going
and i want to make it very clear that
i’m not the only person
that’s talking about these things which
is pretty much obvious but
um you know i’m just putting videos out
there just for now
um so that other people can see that
this stuff is actually happening
and that i’m not just making this stuff
up because anybody who’s really paying
attention can see it
and can um pretty much sense that
there’s a bigger
crisis in the making like these people
have told you so
continue to prepare physically and most
importantly mentally and spiritually
and i thank you guys for watching this

Dollar Collapse, Food Shortages, Water Crisis & SHTF Situation In Cuba Is Worse Than I Thought

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