Pandemics, Prophecy



March 15, 2020 11:13 PM
Collins Ouma

My sons and daughters are walking so much in panic and fear. Didn’t I not say that I be with you in fire and in many waters? Where are your faith in Me?Why do you now CAST off your confidence in Me? Can I not protect you Now? Can I not keep you and look after you?.

Why do you limit My hand to save and protect you?DO not listen to the lies of your enemy. He wants to put fear and panic and mistrust in you that you now no longer believe.

My son and daughter, arise for I am faithful and I am able to keep and preserve that which have been committed to Me. I will hold you dearly even as the world is thrown into complete despair and panic over the virus.Didnt I not say as the world will be crying and moaning, I will keep you under My wings. My word must be fulfilled in every respect.And I know those who are mine and those who aren’t mine.

I will put a clear distinction and it shall truly be known those who are My True sons and daughters.
The world is yet to see more hit it, things shall collapse, government shall be hopeless but My people have Me and I will their source of strength. A little shaking and now the world is running crazy; what if the greater shaking comes forth?will man stand?will man’s arrogance and pride stand? Even the great Nebucadnezzar was reduced to nothing and until He acknowledged Me and who I was, he never knew peace again.

I am reducing the governments and leaders of this world into nothingness. That which they hold dearly I am reducing to nothing and removing. That which they hope in shall be taken away.

All this I do because of the love I have for man but as all this is happening, My beloved need not to worry.
Continue in steadfast prayers in waiting upon Me in worship and praise faithfully filling in your midnight oil lamp.

Do not tire waiting. Do get weary in waiting. Many are complaining of My delay yet they haven’t strive even to the point of death.

Look at the patience of your father Abraham whom i promised a son, but the fulfilment of this promise took a very long time. Wait in faith and patience and I shall manifest Myself to your life. I AM not a God who lies and changes His mind. My word is sure and true; Hang on it and you shall never be put to shame.I love you with an everlasting love My beloved sons and daughters.

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God bless you all
Br Collins Ouma
Busia Kenya


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