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Do NOT Get The Mark – Peter from Melbourne


Do NOT Get The Mark

May 16, 2022
Peter from Melbourne

My name is Peter from Melbourne Australia. The day is Friday the 13th 2022. I would like to share a dream with your followers and yourself and receive some clarity in my dream.

My Father is no long with us he has passed 20 years ago. I sometimes see him in my dreams and it seems to be warnings or revelations from dad.

The dream follows,

I was walking down streets, all homes had what seemed people in the homes. As i looked closely in these homes, the people where figures of cardboard, not real people. I was confused, where are all the people?

My next vision,

People where being rounded up in a large area, where they where being scanned on their right hand. Many who where marked entered, those who where not marked where turned away.
I entered this venue and was confused what was going on until I’d seen what was occurring.
My father came to me who had passed away 20 years ago, i replied let’s leave quickly.
My father who passed away 20 years ago told me, do not get the mark.

The next vision I’d seen where too many plane activities in the skies. They where not planes. They looked like toy planes enlarged, flying around.
The dream ended.

I do not claim to be anything. I am a sinner like all of us. I pray daily i believe in Jesus christ and follow Jesus christ to the best of my abilities.

I fall and stumble, yet i keep on asking for the Lord’s guidance.
I pray in the name of Jesus that all who endure persecution and tribulation that Jesus christ protects us from the evil one in coming endtimes.
In Jesus christ name amen.

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