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Disaster And The Man With The Accordion – Alexandria Hall

Disaster And The Man With The Accordion

Sep 4, 2019, 12:16 AM
Alexandria Hall


About a week and a half- 2 weeks before hurricane Dorian I had a dream that there would be some type of devastating natural disaster to come. I believe it to be a hurricane. I don’t believe that it was hurricane Dorian, I think that there will be another one. The things that stood out the most to me in the dream was that there would be pecans on the ground (whether before or after the storm I’m not sure) -which is odd as my own pecan tree is loaded with green pecans this year right now as I’m typing this. The storm left many people wandering the streets and there was a middle-aged white man playing an accordion on the street. There was a weird sense of post-traumatic harmony. People were just glad to be alive. People seemed to be brought together by this storm. Instead of mass chaos people opted to be there for one another. The man played the accordion as a way to comfort people. There was no racism as people of all origins were effected, the storm was far from prejudiced. Everyone sat and listened to the man playing the accordion. There was fear of course, but I feel like the storm is intended to be a blessing in disguise. It’s meant to happen. God has a plan behind this awful storm to come. My name is Alexandria and I’m from a small town in Mississippi.

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  1. Fisher

    Your word encourages us all to pray for God’s mercy as His judgements arrive.

  2. Oliver

    There is a word from the Lord through His servant Byron Searle. “My son, tell My Children that Destruction Cometh, and her name is Gabrielle. I say to you now, Beware of the Storms of Fall, for they will be fierce, but none as fierce as Gabrielle! Many will lose everything, but take note, you will have your lives!” I looked at weather.com and I read that Gabrielle will be the next named storm/hurricane after Fernand which is right now at South Texas and Northeast Mexico.

  3. Frank

    Oliver, I looked at the current Atlantic hurricane / tropical storm activity and Gabrielle is now a named storm! However, it is currently forecast to move away from the US.

  4. Frank

    Gabrielle is now a named storm, however it appears to be moving NW, away from the US. I tried to post the NHC link but it doesn’t seem to work.

  5. Robert Adolph

    Chuck Youngbrandt prophesied that a huge storm would come across the country in September some year and run across the country. That same year a major earth quake would hit America on September 19. When this happens the following December there would be an accidental nuclear missile attack from Russia hitting 4 US cities.

  6. Greg

    That forecast cone will change. Look at the link below and watch Gabrielle’s rapid development. It is moving due west.


    Also, pecans are grown in the southern US: Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas.

  7. Sally

    The earthquake will hit San Diego and when it does, nothing will be left and nobody will be left.

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