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Sept 2, 2019 9:08 PM
Alison Pound

This is what the Lord said to me yesterday, 2nd September.

The coastlands will be very devastated in this hurricane coming to America. I have had great mercy in the midst of great judgement upon the people of the Bahamas. You will hear of miraculous stories of survival. I love these people. All the attention from the media is always upon what will happen in America. And these people are forgotten. But I do not forget them. Those who will cry out to Me I will save to the utmost. When I come to the coastlands of America, I will not be coming in mercy but I will be coming in anger. I will be against the arrogance and pride in that great nation that will soon be no more. For My judgements are here. Mercy will be upon those who cry out to Me and only these will I permit to live. For My fury is unleashed. I have warned those who know Me to leave the coastlands. If they will not heed My voice, they will suffer the consequences. For many will be swept away at this time. There has not been anything like this. Many deceiving words have been said across the media during the approach of this hurricane. The truth has fallen in the streets. But I have come in all My fury and this can not be hidden from the world. It will be seen. I am here for judgement.

You must trust in Me at this time and at all times. But right now, it is imperative. For you do know My voice. In spite of all your doubt and fear, you do know Me. I am with you. I speak to you and you do listen and hear Me well. I am bringing great destruction to America. She is Babylon. It has begun. The judgements increase. Just as I have told you. Every kind of fire, water, wind will I bring against them. And finally, I will shake in great earthquakes. And in the midst of this all, I will allow her to be invaded, bombed, destroyed from within by the wicked who divide up the spoils. Donald Trump is full of pride and wickedness. He is now tinged with madness. This is the madness coming to all those who will resist Me. As he has resisted Me. He works with the evil antichrist, whom you know. He paves the way. He thinks in his great pride that he has the reigns and will lead himself. Yet he is being used.


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