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Destruction Los Angeles – Shane Caldeira

Destruction Los Angeles

Dec 28, 2019
Shane Caldeira

12/28/2019 – This morning while waking up, half asleep and half awake, I had a quick flash vision (Acts 2:17) that I believe is from the LORD Jesus. I saw a map of the USA and then a missile flew very fast and hit near Los Angeles in Southern California. I believe it was a nuclear bomb.

Please pray for a confirmation from the LORD, as the military tensions are escalating between Russia, China, and Iran who are taking an alliance against the USA.

This is probably the same event prophesied by Dimitru Duduman, Henry Gruver, Monique Bizet, Maurice Sklar, and many other Christians (Acts 2:17).

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  1. do you see anything strange?

    If you think you need to work and repent of billions of sin a day, and you see visions that never come to pass, YOU ARE NOT SAVED.

  2. Jeanine Alameda

    In 2014 I had s similar dream. I saw nuclear bombs hit the northeast and southwest portions of America. Initially, I was looking from a high vantage point and then from ground level. The extent of destruction was horrendous. The heat was melting cars/buses, buildings were completely destroyed. In another dream I experienced an earthquake that must have been 10+ on the richter scale, again massive damage. People were screaming and looking for loved ones full of terror. These events are just the tip of YHVH’S judgement on America for her sins.

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