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Destruction Has Been Decreed – Cheavennow

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Destruction Has Been Decreed

August 28th, 2023 at 7:18 PM

I had been fasting food and water for weeks from 6am to 6pm and praying in earnest for repentance to fall in this nation and for believers to connect and unite and begin to work together.

After a sleepless night I lay down to try and took a quick nap and instead began to have a series of dreams and visions. I saw map of the United States and then a massive being whose feet spanned States. I could not see the top of this being but I could see it reach down and smash , shake and stomp places . It would stop at certain churches and reach down and pick them up and shake them or pluck the leaders out and remove them. At certain places it put down what looked like a huge drinking glass or dome that covered certain places. These seemed like refuges and protected from the destruction but they were small unlikely places and scattered throughout the United States.

The being moved from East to West and when it came to the Midwest, Texas , Colorado and other strategic locations that have been shared as being safe zones, it took out a giant broom and began to sweep and everything was being destroyed or swept West. This was a disturbing image and I have been interceding to ask that it may be altered because sometimes that is why these visions come .

These verses were highlighted when I came out of that vision.:
Isaiah 10:22 Destruction has been decreed, justice overflows.
Jeremiah 50, 51

As with any word please take this to the Lord in prayer .
May we be found in HIM when He returns.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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