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Destruction and Noah’s Ark – Cornell de Beer

Destruction and Noah’s Ark

Feb 2, 2020 5:03 AM
Cornell de Beer

Dream received on 15th November 2019

Destruction and Noah’s Ark:

In my dream it was night time. I saw a city and was at some distance away. Something really bad happened, I’m not exactly sure what it was but the destruction was wider then the width of the city.

I was scared and saw waves of flame coming, rolling towards me. I knew if I didn’t get away I would die.

The next moment I was at a different place/scene and on my left slightly in front of me was my sister. Up in the sky I saw a massive big boat. The wood was a light colour.

I asked my sister if that was Noah’s Ark? She looked at me and said: “Yes! Of cause it’s Noah’s Ark!”

I’ve noticed tiny square windows with light inside but I could not see the animals.

The next moment we were up on a wooden platform on the right hand side in front of the ark. There was people on the platform. Some were in despair, dismayed. Almost like they were sick or felt sick, they were not OK.

There was a white ladder going up to the ark. I saw my sister climbing the ladder and I followed. On the ladder I looked back and I saw two people on the lower part of the ladder. They were just leaning against it not moving. It was like they could not go up. Or they have given up.

At the entrance of the ark was a white see through security gate. I thought I could just walk through it to go inside, but I could not! I felt extremely despaired and thought I wasn’t safed. I cried out: ” Lord please forgive me PLEASE safe me!”

The next moment on my immediate right I saw like a little white doorbell. I pressed it and I could go in.

As I walked in there was a light on and everything inside was wooden. I could still not see the animals but I knew they were there.

There were round wooden tables with people sitting. I walked to the far end and sit down at a table. I felt that not just our Lord but also the wicket was on that Ark somewhere but he could do anything to us.

There was only peace, calmness and we were sitting as if we were waiting.

End of dream.

I’ve received as confirmation:

Isaiah chapter 4 and 5. In short Isaiah 4 is about the coming of our Lord Jesus and 5 judgement.

Matthew 22. The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto a certain King that made a marriage for his son.

At the time of my dream I was only a child of God and safed for 3 months. I didn’t even know what Isaiah or Matthew was about. How amazing is our Lord! Thank you Jesus!

I believe the Ark represent Jesus. Matthew 24 vers 37-39 Many people will think they are safed but are not.

Please confess your sins and repent if you have not already. Time is very short before our Lord come for us.

Believe and have faith in our Lord Jesus! He paid the price for us on the cross. The power of the cross, the power of His name, the power of His God living pure innocent blood that cover our sins. The power of His resurrection after three days so whoever believes in Him will recieve eternal life and receive His Holy Spirit. It is done! Praise our Lord! Ephesians 2 8-9

John 3: 16
John 14:6

God Bless

Cornell de Beer


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  1. Thomas Heward

    Terrible English, many misspelled words and no interpretation where there should have been some.

    Good dream. Too bad concerning who the dream was given to.

  2. Anida Mostert

    Cornell de Beer that dream resonates with me. Only those waiting and watching will enter the ark. Those, although saved, (luke warm) and with one foot still in the world, will come in later with the harvest. I pray to be worthy!!

  3. Anida Mostert

    100%!! Be close to Jesus and WATCH OUT for His coming as we are instructed.

  4. Tim Wyman

    @Thomas Heward,

    I pray for YOU. Can you not discern that this man’s native language is not English? From his name, and from the type of mistakes (“t” for “d”, as in wicked/wicket, is a common issue with speakers of the Germanic languages) I noticed, I’d say Dutch is his native tongue. From my own experiences in Europe, there is a good chance Cornell speaks 1 or 2 other languages also!

    Personally, I am thrilled that he has chosen to share his experiences with the Lord, and I am confident that many would agree.

    So, I pray that you would be more forgiving, and think about what Jesus was telling us when He said, “Follow me”.

    A brother.

  5. Alida

    Many people don’t have English as their first language. It is about the message, not the spelling. God chose the simple and the unlearned to confound the wise of this world. Do unto others as you want to be done to you.
    Yes, it is time for the ark, we are very close!!

  6. Charlie

    Thomas, do not judge the messenger! Remember, God can use whomever He chooses. Be like a little child when you come to Him otherwise you will miss His truths

  7. Robert McCall

    Why do some people have a need to criticize other people’s writing skills what is wrong with you people just accept it and move on nobody cares about your opinion. By the way it’s not your job to judge . Remember what God said the wisdom of the world is foolishness.

  8. Welle

    Charlie , indeed 🙂 agree , FATHERS WORDS ALWAYS BE TRUTH AMEN.

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