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“Despicable! Me Too!”

June 20, 2020
Averine Pennington

I watched a video today that literally broke my heart. It broke my heart because it was about something horrific. So horrific that it was shocking. I didn’t know that mankind could stoop so low. Dear Lord, what is this world coming to? I’m sure you are wondering about the title I have chosen for this piece. I chose it because it is appropriate for how I feel about myself at this very moment. The inhumanity that was portrayed in that video was despicable! But the worst revelation was when I realized it was partly my fault. You see, I am part of humanity. I have a God given responsibility to speak out against such despicable things and I have been silent. My lack of inaction to bring about an end to such a grievous practice makes me complicit! May God forgive me! May God forgive us all!

The video was regarding an interview during which it was disclosed that fetal tissue was being used in the development of vaccines. It was all very scientific and way over my head in a lot of the terminology, but you don’t have to be a genius to know the entire concept is absolutely ethically and morally wrong. Then they started discussing that the tissue for this research must be harvested from a live fetus with a beating heart that may be in gestation up to 5 to 6 months. These babies are intentionally taken alive and then their beating hearts are cut out of their bodies with not so much as anesthesia to take away their pain. How can anyone that lives on this planet hope to stand before the living God one day and plead their innocence in this matter?

Dear Lord . . . this is more than my finite mind can comprehend! How can we treat an innocent, helpless human being with such callous disregard? Yes, you read that right! I said . . . HUMAN BEING! Do you think just because a handful of guys on the US Supreme Court deem otherwise, that makes it so? Who are you going to believe? Them or the Lord God Almighty? (Ps. 139) I hate to break it to everyone, but there is a Higher Court and the Judge who sits on the seat of that court is JUST and His decision is final. It cannot be overruled.

I pray every day for my country. I know that America is under judgment so the best we can hope for is that God will be merciful. How can we even pray for mercy when we allow such heinous crimes to happen without any outcry? God has every right to wipe us off the face of the earth and His actions would be justified. How can we raise such a ruckus over the treatment of whales or the habitat of the spotted owl or whatever cause you want to champion and not care about our own children . . . gifts that are given to us by God himself. How can we make such a huge fuss over any mistreated animal and not place any value on the life of our own flesh and blood? Can somebody please explain this to me! Don’t get me wrong, I am a tender-hearted person. I love my pets and treat them like members of my family. I am the type of person that will stop and help a turtle cross the street so he doesn’t get hit by a car. And, yes, I am for saving the whales and the spotted owls. But how can we as a people look the other way and pretend it does not concern us when innocent human blood is being shed.

Is murder more acceptable if it is for medical research? Are we supposed to believe it is alright to take one life in order to maybe, possibly, hopefully save another with not even a guarantee? Just for research! This wickedness is straight from the pits of hell! What gives any man the right to make such a decision . . . who lives and who dies? I don’t recall that particular authority being granted to the federal government by our Constitution. I believe God has reserved that right for Himself. He is the one who numbers our days. He is the one that giveth or taketh away.

If you haven’t guessed already, I am FOR life and against DEATH! I am against abortion in any and all of its forms. There is never a justification to take an innocent life. I wish everyone who reads this post could hear my daughter’s testimony. God has given her the opportunity to share how God saved her life to many college students and church congregations and the impact of her testimony is tremendous. I have shared in another message that both of my children are adopted. These were closed adoptions, but both my son and my daughter were privileged to locate their birth mother’s after they became adults. Many people think that abortion is justified in certain circumstances, one of those being rape. My daughter is the product of a kidnapping and brutal rape. Her birth mother sought an abortion but could not afford one. After talking with a pastor, he offered to pay all her expenses if she would have the child and place it for adoption. Praise the Lord for that good man of God. He saved my daughter’s life. She is now 40 years old and has two beautiful children. Her life accomplishments are far too numerous to list here. I am so proud of the woman she has become. I can not even fathom the thought that her little life could have been snuffed out except for the grace of God. And yet millions of other precious children were not so fortunate. They were slaughtered on the altar of mankind’s self-indulgence.

I know God knows my heart. He knows how very much I love children. I would adopt them all if I could and gather them together under my wing like a mother hen. In years past, I have tried to make a difference. I can remember times of standing on street corners with a sign in my hand that said, “Everyone deserves a Birthday.” That was back when God’s people were trying to stand against the evil that was new in our country. Who sees that anymore? Very seldom! I even remember attending the Southern Baptist Convention one year when my daughter was a toddler. They were taking under consideration what the denomination’s stance on abortion should be. An open microphone was set up for debate purposes. I recall walking up to the microphone with my daughter in tow and telling everyone in the convention center what my views were and why. My husband and I have probably given thousands of dollars over the years to pro-life causes, each organization promising to work toward getting legislation passed to reverse Roe vs. Wade. We have signed many, many surveys and petitions in support of the pro-life cause to be sent to Washington in hopes of getting action there. Years have gone by, decades, and babies are still being slaughtered. Our cries to make the insanity stop have been ignored! Over time, I guess we have become complacent. We now sit in our warm cozy homes and tell ourselves there’s little more we can do. Oh, we still send our monthly donation to our chosen pro-life organization. We try to convince ourselves that perhaps it will make a small difference, but its really just to ease our conscience. What more can we do other than storm the halls of Congress?

[Brothers and sisters, this is as far as I got last night in writing this message before going to bed around 2:00am. I laid my head on my pillow and prayed silently, asking the Lord, “What more can I do?” I asked Him to help me finish this piece by telling me what He wants to say and not just my personal rant. Upon awakening this morning, I received a number. It has been a while since He has used that method of communication. Also, while preparing breakfast, I kept getting downloads which I believe to be from the Holy Spirit. Again, I am not a prophet, I will not say this is ‘thus saith the Lord’ for I did not hear His audible voice, it was just impressed upon my spirit. I fearfully share this as I am still learning to hear His voice. I don’t want to get it wrong, so I prayerfully submit the following for your consideration. Please go the Lord yourself with this and ask for His confirmation.]

I will start with the number I was given. In the Strong’s Concordance in the Greek, it means disobedient, unpersuadable, ‘contumacious’. I confess, I had to look that last word up in the dictionary. Here is the definition: stubbornly disobedient, rebellious. The next word following was ‘contumacy’ which means stubborn resistance to authority; specifically: willful contempt of court. For a moment I wondered if this was the Lord’s way of telling me that I should be an advocate of civil disobedience. Immediately, the Holy Spirit let me know what the Father’s intent was. I was reminded of what I had typed last night about there being a Higher Supreme Court (He must have been looking over my shoulder). His meaning was to let me know that America is in contempt of HIS COURT!

While preparing breakfast, the Holy Spirit let me know that ‘America has been weighed in the balance and found wanting.’ That reference can be found in Daniel 5:27. It was the indictment against Belshazzar who had ‘lifted up himself against the Lord of heaven’ (vs. 23). After breakfast, I was led to look up Ezekiel 2:3 which follows: “And he said unto me, Son of man, I send thee to the children of Israel, to a rebellious nation that hath rebelled against me: they and their fathers have transgressed against me, even unto this very day.” Now bear with me here . . . while I was looking for the verse in Ezekiel, I accidentally opened to the preceding book of Lamentations and started reading from chapter 2. I wasn’t paying attention and thought I was in Ezekiel. Wow, I read the whole chapter before realizing I was in the wrong book. Then I turned the page to read chapter 1 to get the full context. After satisfying my curiosity I then went to the intended book of Ezekiel. Folks, I kid you not, the Holy Spirit laid on my heart that my turning to the book of Lamentations was not by accident. It was by divine providence. Those judgments that fell on Jerusalem and the people of Israel in Lamentations 1 &2 . . . the same sentence has been passed in His Courtroom upon America. God has repeatedly called for repentance by our nation and there has been none. Our leaders refuse to make laws that follow God’s commandments. They refuse to fall on their knees before a Holy God and ask for forgiveness for the sins of our nation. America is too prideful for such a display. She remains rebellious and disobedient. She has lifted herself against the Lord of heaven. She continues to spill the blood of the innocent on the altar of Baal without remorse. Judgment is on the horizon and America will be brought to her knees.

So where does that leave me or any of the rest of God’s people who want to put a stop to what is happening to our precious babies? We are not to give up! We are to occupy until He comes! We must continue to fight the good fight until our last breath. I don’t think we have much time left to mount an all-out assault against this evil, but if we raise our voices together, who knows what we may accomplish in the time we have left. If even one beating heart is saved, it will be worth it all. Please commit with me to do all in your power to make a noise against the atrocities that are occurring now. The video that brought me to tears was posted on the YouTube channel, Israeli News Live, entitled ‘Shocking Info, Shake You to the Core’. Please do your own research on this matter. As for myself, in my fit of rage and sorrow yesterday, I was sitting on my front porch crying out to God. I raised my fist in the air and said, “As God is my witness, I will no longer be silent!”

My Savior is so wonderful. I believe He knows how difficult this message was for me to write. He gave me a song this morning to calm my heart entitled “Sheltered in the Arms of God,” again written by Dottie Rambo. I think He wanted to let me know the precious children are now safe. They are skipping through the fields of heaven holding his hand. “He walks with me and naught of earth shall harm me, For I’m sheltered in the arms of God.” From a distance, Jesus was wiping away my tears.



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  1. Joyce Straus

    It sickens me when I hear others saying make America great or how great it is. No nation that kills and abuses their children never was great. I pray everyday for the unborn, the newborn, all children that are being murdered and abused. I pray that the Lord would have them feel burning fire on their hands and feet as they go to kill and destroy and abuse God’s most precious gift to us.

  2. cornelldebeer

    Dear Averine your input is just as important as anyone else, we are all the body of our Lord Jesus Christ. Father love us so much and has no favourites, He uses everyone that is willing. These last few weeks I feel I don’t do much more then crying and spending my time with our Lord as much as possible. He has taken this ugly thing I used to be as His own, forgiven me and now He teaches Me. Helping me, healing my brokenness just like a loving caring Father do daily. It’s nothing but a miracle what He is doing in my life. Thank you Lord Jesus for making this all possible.

    What they are doing to the little babies and children makes me feel sick. I’ve just realised more and more how fake and broken this world is. Fallen angels, demons is everywhere. Reptellian in human bodies! I have even found out one of the people I followed on youtube is fallen and pretty well known… 😨 Sweet lady, always so gentle …. You put the video on play speed slow and you can take printscreen. I have seen with my own eyes the proof. Reptillian eyes and the hands. It is shocking, It is truly like The Truman Show… 😭 I never realised how deep and bad things go. Even the movies we use to watch as kids that seemed so innocent is all fill of their codes and signs. Urgh.

    Thank you again and for your blessings in your previous message. I would like to leave you a song called Unknown Lands by Peter B Helland. It’s just out of this world beautiful and peaceful. All his music is free on many platforms, I listen on YouTube, discovered it last night. You might want to get a few tissues ready, cried my eyes out.

    Much love in Jesus my sister, may God’s blessings and grace be with you all day. 🌺

  3. Sally Merrell

    Averine, Thank you so much for this post. For me it was very difficult to get through without weeping. I had no idea that babies’ hearts were being taken from them with no anesthesia. Even with anesthesia it is a horrific act. Many condemn the Nazi’s and how they slaughtered the Jews. Sadly, today America is no better. We have come so far from God with our sloppy, wreckless carefree lifestyles and now He has taken His hand off America and rightly so. We have become a stench in His nostrils and it is only a matter of time (hours, minutes, days) until we see the physical devastation of our once beloved America. As I have stated previously on this site, we will and should get everything we deserve. When we do start getting slammed with screwy weather and earthquakes and Yellowstone blowing her cork, and the 3 days and nights of intense darkness, many of the pompous arrogant will raise their fists to heaven and scream in His Face, “why, God, why, we have done nothing wrong, how dare You God.”

  4. agata

    I can”t stop crying… Thank you for sharing this. I live 1 km from Auschwitz Museum. It is to much for my soul.

  5. Qual o vídeo ou entrevista. Gostaria de ouvir. Não posso acreditar que isso esteja a acontecer. Não me tome mal , não estou a desconfiar, é maldade a mais, não consigo conceber. Que Deus nos liberte deste mundo.

  6. Tia

    We are so unworthy, undeserving of the forgiveness Jesus openly offers us. Imagine the sins He had to suffer for on the cross. Sins more awful than we will most likely ever know. Sins against God’s creation and sins against our creator. It humbles me to know the depth of the love He has for us. He has every right to punish us and then destroy all of mankind for the evil we do. Praise God for Jesus! Praise God that He was willing to send His only Son who never sinned to die for us! Praise Jesus for His willingness to suffer for the sins of mankind.

  7. Averine Pennington

    Thanks to all who commented on this post. Thank you for listening to the cry of my heart in my attempt to make a difference. I pray that all of God’s people will raise their voices against such despicable acts of inhumanity!

    I enjoyed the song you suggested, Cornell. It soothed my soul. Tia, your comment reminded me that we are to lay all our cares (even this) upon Him, for He cares for us. O how grateful I am for my Lord’s sacrifice. Surely He bore our sorrows and carried the weight of the sins of the world upon His shoulders.

    Love & blessings to all,


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