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Delusion Is Coming! – Paul Chastain

Delusion Is Coming!

December 14, 2021 8:44 AM
Paul Chastain

I had a dream the night of 12DEC2021. In the dream I was part of search team searching for four men. We were being briefed on searching an underwater cavern for these men using pictures in the briefing. The pictures showed a round cavern, 50-100′ in diameter with light crystals floating in the water.
The next morning we suited up and entered the cavern which was not 50-100′ in diameter, but was the size of a football stadium with a lightsource at the bottom. I was immediately pulled towards the bottom. I started screaming for help.

I felt my arm being pounded on and I woke up. My wife was tapping my arm and said I was screaming in my sleep. I immediately started praying, and the Lord spoke to md saying: “don’t get sucked in! Don’t get sucked in! Delusion is coming! Immediately the verse came to mind that spoke of a delusion coming in the last days that was so strong it would deceive even the very elect of the remnant.

So, I warn.

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