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DECEPTION! APPARITION OF MARY – Loveth Nwokeohuru / josemdelaa


July 28, 2021 1:30 PM
Sister Loveth Nwokeohuru

23 July 2021

I dreamt last night where the Catholics who believe in Mary came together,  invited many people to their program,  it’s like one of the most important events to them.

They did serious evangelism: sensitizing people on what is about to happen, and that is the APPARITION OF MARY.

So, on that faithful day, we all went there. The whole place was filled to the brim, the place was like a  very large stadium, but at thesame time it looked like an enclosure, with a gate. I and some of my fellow students sat there, but i was uncomfortable.

There was a very large screen there…

I think the image of Mary was there too…

So, people were waiting for her to appear on the screen.

I wasn’t comfortable with the whole thing,  I was angry, “how could this people behave like this”? “don’t they know  that this is not of God”?, they believe in something that is not real and wants to get many people to witness and start believing in Mary too.

As I was there, it’s like I started to go against their rules, I started to speak against the statute of Mary,  the apparitions that they were expecting…they became angry with me …I told them that I wanted to leave…I left the place with some students that i came there with, they opened the gate for us and we left.

Then as we were outside,  some of our students came out from there too, I was like what happened?

“Are you people not waiting for the Apparition again”?

They said, they got tired, the whole thing looked fake and they were speaking against the event, so the leaders there sent them out.


We are living in serious and deceptive times, anyone who is not grounded in the word of God shall be deceived.

We often talk about microchip, vaccines, Noahide Laws, Sunday Law, and the rest, but there are also other grand DECEPTIONS that are here already and would definitely manifest when God allows them.

And that is the DECEPTION of the false Christ, Satan masquerading as angel of light, the invasion of extraterrestrial beings called ALIENS.

These are not our friends, they’re not other creatures like us, they are FALLEN ANGELS disguising to be our friends.

The Mary we see in Aparitions, is not Mary, but a demon(if not satan himself ) satan can manifest as different things.

I watched a video compilation of the Apparitions of Mary, and what got me at the end of the documentary was that, “Her immaculate heart will triumph at the end”

She will appear to so many persons and many people around the world would see her, and after that her son would also appear with his Angels.

Do not be deceived,  the New Age Movement are also expecting the appearance of their Master Maitreya and Sananda he is coming with other masters.

These are all fallen Angels.

Just before Jesus He was taken up to heaven, he personally warned us about the coming deceptions of the last days, and one of them is the coming of false Christs.

Imagine the deception? For Jesus to say that if those days were not shortened, that even the very elect shall be deceived.

The deception must be extreme.

It is clear very clear that we are living in those days and as we continue to approach the end we see more deceptions.

This is the time to be conversant with our bibles, this is the time to have a personal relationship with God not depending on your pastors to teach you. This is a time to pray without ceasing.

Matthew 24: 23-27

*Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not*.

24 *For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect*.

Have you heard of Sananda?

See the proof on this website itself.

On this website this false Jesus (Sananda Jesus) has made the following statements:

Apparently this being claiming to be Jesus says that He changed his name after the ressurection.

Quotation from the website 👇

“*He will be accompanied with many other ascended masters such as, saint Germain(Joseph) Lady Quan, Mary Magdalene,  and Mary the Mother of Jesus*” (Virgin Mary)

So, you can see the link, and where these appearance of Mary And Joseph would be coming from, not the original second coming of Christ…but the counterfeit.

The Catholics  believe in these saints and invoke them while praying, here the New Age, also talk about them and some of their followers invoke them too.

Hmmmm…..thesame old serpent presenting himself in different dimensions.

“Sananda’s return can be seen as the prophesized second coming of Christ, if one so whishes. However, Sananda will have many things to say about the Christian church and the course it has taken, which will astonish, if not outright shock many regular churchgoers. His “second coming” will not be as a lone teacher or leader, but in the company of many from the higher dimensions”

Quotation from the website 👇

“Currently Sananda, Saint Germain and other Masters join other Humans in the fifth dimension in the Inner Earth (Agartha) and they frequently spend time on the New Jerusalem Starship (Mothership), which is under the Ashtar Command.”

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