Deadly Distractions That Come To Sabotage Your Life and The Calling of God – Monique Bizet

Deadly Distractions That Come To Sabotage Your Life and The Calling of God

Jan 2, 2020 9:52 PM
Monique Bizet

Blessings brothers and sisters,

This is a message about how the devil comes to distract us and derail us from our calling and the purposes God has for our lives. The evil one comes to steal, kill and destroy. In this hour we have to be so discerning. Our time is so precious and the devil comes to rob our time, our blessings, our destiny and so many other things to keep us from becoming and doing what God made us to be. What we do with our time to do what God has called us to do, to edify the body of Christ and bring forth fruit for the Kingdom are crucial. [Mat 6:20 KJV] But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. [Luk 12:21 KJV] 21 So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.

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Deadly Distractions That Come To Sabotage Your Life and Calling of God

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bless you brothers and sisters today I

want to share a word from the Lord that

I kind of been dealing with and it’s

called deadly distractions and it’s

about how the enemy comes to ensnare and

how the enemy comes to destroy your

destiny how he comes to entrap you and

lure you away from the things that the

Lord has called for you to do how the

enemy sets traps and sends people to

lure you away from the commands of the

Lord and what God has commanded you to

do and so let’s pray Thank You Heavenly

Father lord I ask that it be your Holy

Spirit that speaks through me and that

you will touch each and every one of

your precious people Lord that you will

minister to them Holy Spirit and that

you will give them guidance into their

particular situation Lord and that you

will reveal father God the lies of the

enemy that you will expose the lies and

the traps and the entrapments that the

enemy is using in our lives to ensnare

us to distract us and to derail us from

our calling father in the mighty name of

Jesus Lord amen bless you brothers and

sisters and so I will speak in this

situation about recently the enemy has

been bringing people into my life that I

know them and but they’re not walking

with the Lord and these people are being

sent in my life to be as a lure to do

things in the world and to go back into

the world and how the enemy will use

people and set up specific people in

your life to where you will feel like

it’s an obligation or you will feel like

it’s a

gosh maybe I should say yes because you

know what are they gonna think and so

I’m saying these words specifically so

that you understand that that reasoning

is not from God

second Corinthians 10:4 through five it

says for the weapons of our warfare are

not carnal but mighty in God for pulling

down strongholds casting down arguments

and every high thing that exalts itself

against the knowledge of God bringing

every thought into captivity to the

obedience of Christ I mean every single

thought captive every single thing that

is warring against our mind to this

practice derailleurs to deceive us to

destroy us into the obedience of Christ

and not allowing it in our hearts and

feeling obligation already is witchcraft

okay and so and again the enemy sends

people into your life that will be as a

lure they send up bait into you too for

you to take it and the thing is for you

not to take it and to know when you need

to run from those temptations that are

coming against you because in the end

that will derail you that will destroy

you that will destroy your faith they

will destroy your life and they will

destroy the the destiny that God has for

you alright and so Thank You Heavenly

Father I don’t have it in front of me I

believe it’s first Corinthians 15:33 let

me look it up real quickly bear with me

because as the Lord leads I want to be

obedient and so as I was telling you

people have been sent into my life

recently that have been there they’re

lovely people they’re the you know I

love them as friends but they’re not

walking with the Lord and when you are

surrounded with people that are not

walking in the law

it will affect your faith it will affect

your walk if you continue in that


okay so first Corinthians 15:33 be not

deceived evil communications corrupt

good manners is what it says on the King

James Version and the New Living

Translation it says don’t be fooled by

those that say such things for bad

company corrupts good character it’s

your character that it corrupts if you

are surrounded and there’s many proverbs

and different scriptures that speak of

the same I don’t have it in front me but

be very careful who you surround

yourself with okay for the enemy comes

but it still kill and destroy and so the

Lord warned me very sternly to be

careful and that it’s a lure okay and

their reasoning of feeling obligated to

– to comply or to say yes due to an

invitation or say you know we’ll go do

this or go do that it’s it’s a lord that

will lead you into a trap of hell later

on because that’s how it starts that’s

how it starts the enemy lures you just

just a little bit with something in your

life and I pray this is ministering to

many of you okay

and so he will send something in your

life to to steer you away to darken

your heart and to dull your your

sensitivity towards the Holy Spirit and

I’m telling you be very very sensitive

to the Holy Spirit the minute that you

feel a quickening from the Holy Spirit

and telling you don’t go this way don’t

do that don’t do this for don’t go with

this person don’t don’t do these things

don’t disobey Him do not disobey Him

he’s all-knowing he’s all-knowing and he

sees exactly

what’s in your path and it’s his way

that tried to to get you back into

alignment with the Word of God

and trying to spare you from disaster

okay and so we are to live a consecrated

life to the Lord we are to live a holy

life to the Lord okay

the scripture says and that is James 4:4

this is you adulterers adulteresses know

you not that the friendship of the world

is enmity with God whosoever therefore

will be a friend of the world as the

enemy of God so the devil will use

things that you did in your past things

that you like to do things that you

enjoy doing things that that you did

with your friends in the past and you

gave up for the Lord you will use

anything to get you back in the world

and to get you to fall away to get your

heart to turn away from the Lord and so

this is a warning for all of us in that

that’s why I’m speaking this out because

it’s a warning for all of you my

precious brothers and sisters he’ll use

situations he will set up people heal

and trap you so you won’t even know what

hit you okay so we have to be so

vigilant and sober all the time

all this time all the time hallelujah to

the lamb of God and so I wanted to share

that with you folks I want to share a

word a scripture from the word that that

illustrates exactly what I’m talking

about and how the devil sends people and

and he will send people that you love he

will use your family he will use friends

he will use people that you work with he

will use anyone that can influence you

to turn you away from what God called

you and the Lord

says run run away from these things run

do not turn away from the Lord and so if

you want to go with me I’m going to go

to the book of first kings first kings

and chapter 13 I’m reading this time

from the new kings King James New King

James Version Thank You Heavenly Father

thank you Lord the Lord warns us for us

to not fall away the Lord warns us for

us to stay on track and to run our race

and to to walk through that narrow road

and the road is narrow folks that road

is very narrow and it’s getting more and

more narrow okay we’re seeing the world

on a thousand mile train to the pit of

hell people are lost and we are here to

minister to them – to try to save souls

and for us do not be entrapped with this

and so first king is 13 it talks about

the message of the man of God okay and

this was a prophet that was sent by God

to accomplish the work of the Lord he

had specific instructions from God and

he was not to derail from them and the

Lord warned him and so he’s warning us

today he warned him how to go about his

business what to do which way to go when

to come back while not to come back and

and this man of God disobeyed and the

consequences was he died the Lord gave

him over to the enemy and he died and so

how dreadful it is to to miss it

how dreadful it is to disobey the Lord

and end up how this man ended up so let

this be a warning to us

so I’m gonna start with 13 it says and

behold a man of God went from Judah to

Bethel by the word of the Lord and

Jeroboam stood by the altar Jeroboam was

the the king and he was doing disasters

okay so Jeroboam stood by the altar to

burn incense then he cried out against

the altar by the word of the Lord and

said o alter alter thus saith the Lord

behold a child

Josiah by name shall be born to the

house of David and on you he shall

sacrifice the priests of the high places

who burn incense on you and men’s bones

shall be burnt on you and he gave a sign

the same day saying this is the sign

which the Lord has spoken

surely the altar shall split apart and

the ashes on it shall be poured out so

it came to pass when King Jeroboam heard

the saying of the man of God who cried

out against the altar of Bethel the

altar of Bethel had turned into idolatry

and and all kinds of abominations it was

no longer a holy place for the Lord and

so the the man of God was prophesying

against it and so when when the King

heard this saying of the man of God who

cried out against the altar of Bethel

that he stretched out his hand from the

altar scene arrest him okay so then his

hand which he stretched out toward him

withered the the hand of the king

stretched out to arrest the man of God

withered so that he could not pull it

back to himself the altar also was split

apart and the ashes poured out from the

altar according to the sign which the

man of God had given by the word of the


so everything happened according to the

word of the Lord up to this point then

the King answered and said to the man of

God please entry

the favor of the Lord your God and pray

for me that my head that may be restored

to me so the man of God entreated the

Lord and the king’s hand was restored to

him and he became us before so his hand

was healed the Kings hand was healed

then the king said to the man of God

come home with me and refresh yourself

and I will give you a reward we’re told

in the Bible that is a sin it’s an

abomination to receive but the man of

God said to the king if you were to give

me half of your house Thank You

wonderful Jesus if you were to give me

half of your house I would not go in

with you not would I nor would I eat

bread nor drink water in this place for

so it was commanded me by the word of

the Lord saying you shall not eat bread

nor drink water nor return by the same

way you came I’m gonna stop for a second

do not return the same way you came the

Lord has saved you

he saved your soul you’re walking with

the Lord today do not fall away do not

go back into the world

do not be a backslidden backslider

Christian and if you are repent if

you’re backslidden right now repent

there is forgiveness for you the Lord

will restore you and do not go back

Reinhardt Bonnke a very famous

evangelist he’s went on to go be with

the Lord bless his heart he was so

powerful he did such the Lord that such

mighty things threw him in Africa and

all over the world but he used to say

why do people keep falling away from the

Lord and falling into the hands of Satan

and this is what happens when you fall

away you’re not falling away into to a

gray area or blank space you’re falling

away into two deception and two to the

enemy’s camp and so again it’s a word

for us to be very very sober and

vigilant especially in these last days

in the Matthew 24 days when the Lord

said do not be deceived we’ve gotta be

alert folks all the time what’s coming

against us who’s coming against us who’s

coming to us what are they saying

why what’s the intent discern discern

discern that’s the word of the Lord

discern and so thank you lord so the men

of God said for it was commanded to me

by the word of the Lord saying you shall

not eat bread nor drink water and

they’ll return the same way you came

so he went another way and did not

return by the way he came to Bethel okay

the man of God went a different way as

the Lord had commanded him so here’s the

devil he couldn’t get him with the bribe

okay so now he sends another trap and he

sets up another trap that is more subtle

it’s more easily to be dismissed this

time and it says verse 11 now an old an

old prophet prophet dwelt in Bethel and

his sons came and told him all the works

that the man of God had done that day in

Bethel okay they went and told just like

like every time that that the Lord does

something for someone okay a miracle or

something just someone for the for the

good of the kingdom of God here comes

the minions of the Evil One so they told

their father the worst which he had

spoken to the king and their father said

to them which way did he go

so which way that the man of God go so

we can go and trap him for his sons had

seen which way the man of God went who

came from Judah his sons had seen it

then said his to his sons saddled a

donkey for me so they saddled the donkey

for him he wrote on it and went after the man of

God he went after him and found him

sitting under an oak then he said to him

are you the man of God who came from

Judah and he said I am just what I was

saying to you who is coming at you what

are their intense why are they coming at

you okay help us I hope this makes I

hope this hits home and this makes sense

just the Lord has been ministering so

much to me about these things then he

said to him come home with me and eat

bread so here’s the invitation here’s

the trap set by the lying prophet to set

up the man of God there’s the trap and

he said I cannot return with you nor go

in with you neither cannot eat bread nor

drink water with you in this place

he said to him here the trap I – I’m a

prophet as you are I am just like you I

hear from God just like you we are to

discern the spirits folks we are to

discern the spirits okay so I’m just

like you and an angel spoke to me an

angel spoke to him by the word of the

Lord so he was lying bring him back with

you – to your house that he may eat

bread and drink water he was lying to

him okay the Lord had said do not go

back do not eat bread do not drink water

why because the Lord knew what was set

up ahead and his path the Lord knew he

gave him those specific commands because

the Lord is omnipotent he saw knowing

I’m Nishant okay and he knew what the

devil would would set him up with

and so this lying prophet set him up and

so he so he went back with him see this

one was subtle this one oh you’re just

like me

or you’re you’re another Christian or

you’re just just you know you hear from

the Lord – so it their trap was set and

the and the man of God did not discern

that this was a trap and this person was

lying to him and the and what it boils

down to the Lord said 1 2 3 you do 1 2 3

. there’s no deviation and that’s how we

have to be that’s exactly how we have to

be in our walk with the Lord 1 2 3

that’s it anything that comes aside from

that it’s not of God and so he went back

with him now it appeared and now it

happened as they sat to the table that

the word of the Lord came to the Prophet

who had brought him back and he cried

out to the man of God who came from

Judah he cried to look to the to the

true prophet saying thus saith the Lord because you

have disobeyed the word of the Lord and

have not kept the commandment which the

Lord your God commanded you but you came

back a bread and drank water in the

place which the Lord said to you eat no

bread and drink no water

your corpse shall not count shall not

come to the tomb of your father’s

there’s the consequence he disobeyed and

there’s the consequence and that and and

and and the words the Lord keeps putting

in my heart it’s like how many disobey

and end up in hell as the consequence

folks because they started to go back to

the world they started to go back into

sin because they never came back from

being back slidden and and their

conscience got so hardened that they

couldn’t hear the Holy Spirit any longer

that’s why we have to stay in the Word

of God that’s why we have to be humble

and constantly seeking the Lord

I mean constantly every single day and

all of the day long

it’s the price, it’s the price to be

close to the Lord. and so so it was after

he hurt after he had eaten bread and

after he had drunk that he saddled the

donkey for him and the prophet whom he

who had brought back when he was gone a

lion met him this is the the true man of

God a lion met him on the road and

killed him and his corpse was thrown on

the road and the donkey stood by I stood

by it the lion also stood by the corpse

and their men passed by and saw the

corpse thrown on the road and a lion

standing by the corpse then they went

and told it in the city where the old

prophet dwelt a big mockery to tell it in the city of

how they mocked the prophet of God

now when the Prophet who had brought him

back from the way heard it he said it is

the men of God who was disobedient to

the word of the Lord therefore the Lord

has delivered him to the lion which has

torn him and killed him according to the

word of the Lord which he spoke to him

and he spoke to his sons saying saddled

a donkey for me so they saddled it then

standing by the corpse the lion had not

eaten the corpse nor torn the donkey so

it was a sign so that’s just one story

of many but you know the Lord tells us

to Rison through the word of the Lord

and to be very careful with our for our

friends our I just as I’ve said through

the whole message you know be very

careful who is coming at you what their

intentions are and it’s not that that

you’re suspicious about everybody that’s

not what I’m saying but we got to be

wise folks we got to be wise and just as

the Lord warned me you know I’m passing

this on to you because so many that the

devil comes to kill steal and destroy

all of us so we got to be vigilant and

be very very sober and very discerning

and very close to the Lord see anything

or anyone that comes to you to take you

away from your ministry to take your

time away your time is precious our time

is precious it is to be used for the

Lord I’m not saying you don’t spend time

with your family don’t get me wrong but

what we do on this earth we’re gonna

give an account one day at the judgment

seat of Christ there’ll be nobody with

us for us to say blame and say well so

and so did this or the pastor didn’t

tell me or I didn’t know or you know you

know from the word we all do and we make

a choice whether we seek him or not

thank you lord

he loves us He loves us so dearly and

this message I know is touching many of

you examine your life examine your your

your situation or situations or where

you’re at in your walk with the Lord and

ask him for help ask the Lord to remove

your life those people that are

hindering the call of God in your life

listen to me folks if we don’t answer

the call of God in our lives we will be

judged for it as I have said in my

videos before people are in hell and

judged for that for not answering the

call of God for putting it aside for

leaving it off folks and I’m not

preaching only to you I’m preaching to

myself see for all of us for all of us

to be vigilant sober and careful and

being diligent to guard our hearts

diligent about what God has given you to

do if he’s given you one two three to do

do one two three we got to do one two

three now one two five six and then

three and no one two three because he

has a reason the Lord has a purpose for

us to do things the way he gives it to

us and he knows the traps in our our

paths he knows what’s coming and so he

warns us okay and so I pray this blesses

you remember your time is precious every

single minute counts and use the time

when you when you can for those of you

that that are able to do there’s people

that are sick and that are homebound

they’re not they’re not able to go

outside okay for those of you I pray

that the Holy Spirit touches your body

and heals you in Jesus mighty name but

you can still do something you can be a

prayer warrior you can you can intercede

the the intercessors have a very heavy

mantle a very heavy mantle to carry okay

this is a very heavy job then the

kingdom of God and so for those of you

that are able to go out on your day

lives and and to the stores and you can do

where you’re working, whatever you are doing

in your life, is let the Lord you to the Lord

to use you to speak to other souls to

get them saved for this is the fruit of

the kingdom of God and let the Lord used

even if it’s for a prayer even if it’s

for a word of encouragement whatever it

is whatever you call in your ministry

whatever to give out Bibles whatever it

is to help the poor to help those that

are homeless whatever your situation

your the calling that God has in your

life he is using you have an influence

around you with those around you and so

he will use you mightily okay and so

don’t means don’t miss those

opportunities and and don’t despise the

small beginnings don’t despise small

beginnings for the Lord will give us

more okay and so you will have the the

world on your one ear trying to tell you

we’ll go have fun go have this go throw

out and do this no go do the work of the

Lord well everybody’s having fun you are

on your own you’re faced with the Lord

well everybody’s having fun the fun of

this world is its worthlessness okay as

I said already friendship with the world

this is to be at enmity with God so I

know it’s hard message I know many don’t

want to hear these things but I bless

you and I pray that administers to you I

pray that it opens your eyes I pray that

it brings confirmation the things that

you’re going through and that that the

Lord shine his light in your life that

the Lord will powerfully use you in

these last days that he loves you and he

loves all his children he’s no respecter

of persons you got to remember that

there’s no special treatment with

so-and-so nobody’s better than the other

there’s none of that he is no respecter

of persons.

praise You Lord I bless you folks I pray

this year is a year full of the the

glory of God that in the midst of all

the things that are coming all the

hardships and all the oppression father

God that you make us bold as lions that

you are carriers through father God that

you prepare us in these last days

there’s so much to do for the kingdom of

God and the time is so short we have no

time to waste that’s the bottom line

this life is but a vapor folks so again

I bless you until I come back to you

again soon lord willing it may there be

peace in your life in your household and

love I bless you I love you each and

every one of you in Jesus mighty name


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