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Darkness Is Here – Kevin C.

Darkness Is Here

Dec 8, 2019 12:43 AM
Kevin C.

In the Dream I was standing on a mountain top. There was a vast valley bellow with lots and lots of people in grey clothing wandering around in this valley. In the dream I was led to go down into the valley to where the people were, and try to warn people of the darkness that was coming. None of us knew how great this darkness would be. As I got down into the valley, I would walk up to one person at a time and encourage them to get right with God now while they could before it was to late. As I was doing this, going from person to person, something above me in this valley caught my eye. I looked up and could see clouds of darkness starting to fill the valley. So I started moving faster! The clouds got faster. So moved to the next person even faster until I was running. When I looked up the dark clouds had filled the entire valley now and then suddenly all of us were hit with a ocean of water. The entire valley was not only dark now but in a instant we were all under a ocean of water. I opened my eyes and began to swim as fast as I could straight up. So much water. I could tell as we all were trying to swim upward it was too deep! We were all going to run out of breath before we reach the top. I could see the top coming as I tried to hurry upward. But I finally lost my breath and floated upward. I went to sleep. Only for a second. As I felt someone grab me and pull me out of the water. I could breath again. This person that grabbed me was shouting victory!! You did it! You made it! Yes, yes you made it. Glory to God. As I looked around everything was now light around me. Now me and the other person went to work pulling people out of the the deep water and into this great lighted place. Then I woke up. It all happened so fast. Nobody was able to tell at that time how deep that water of darkness was going to be until it was too late. Everyone in that valley was under the same ocean of water on the bottom at the exact same time.
The Lord spoke to me and said. The darkness is here!! It’s not coming it is here! You will feel so overwhelmed that many will to give up and die. It will be that bad. Even worse than what you ever thought it could be. Some will lose it all, everything they have will be gone in a instant. Tell my people to pray now to be able to endure. It is here for many! The rest will follow.
Any other insight on this dream and word I will appreciate.
Kevin C.

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