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August 28, 2022 11:46 PM
U B Ready


Matthew 24:27
For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall the coming of the Son of man be.

My son, the Dark and Terrible Days that I have spoken of for the nation of America are now upon you.  While many in My body sleep, the Day of the Lord will come up on them as quickly as lightning strikes during a violent storm.

The days will start with many riots and protests against Me.  The cities will be where the vile reprobate-minded people will stir up the masses to revolt against the king.  The days of the king are numbered, as the food and money will both cease to be in abundance.  The fat nation will grow tired of no food to eat and take to the streets, looking for those who have food and wealth to steal, kill, and destroy.

My son, while My body sleeps, groups of perverse people who want to change the world, move to erase those who love and follow Me.  These people want to change the laws and the times to make the world conform to their doctrines.  They twist and contort My Holy Word into something that the religious leaders want — NOT what I want.

My son, beware of those who steal My children and corrupt their thoughts with those of the pharisees.  They bring My little ones under the burdens of the law, when I died to set them free from the law.  As more and more of My children are lured into the false pagan religions – Beware of the Nicolaitans and the temptation to bind yourself to sin!

My son, the warring king will add war to the nation without food.  I have warned in many words that My children must prepare, but they have not.  They have grown weary of hearing warning after warning, and now just ignore them or not believe they are from Me.

I tell you now, thus saith the Lord, Dark Days are upon you, America!  As you sit in your recliners and watch TV, you live in a fantasy world.  I AM coming soon, and My judgments will PRECEED My coming to WAKE UP those who will follow Me!

Sleepy time is now over, and many in this nation are crying out to Me to stop.  I WILL NOT!  I AM not mean or cruel – I LOVE YOU and DO NOT want you to go to hell.

I said I will SHAKE THIS NATION AWAKE, and MY SLEEPING BODY MUST WAKE UP AND HIT HER KNEES IN PRAYER!  Things will only get worse, NOT better, so prepare now by seeking Me in prayer.

My son, the end is now in sight, and those who have been warning for many years are now knowing this by My Spirit.  Just as I have said, the ramping up has begun.  Stay focused on Me and stay in My Word.  Many will choose to ignore this word and those words that I have given to My watchmen, but soon their eyes WILL BE OPENED.  Pray it is not too late!  Just as the door shut on the foolish virgins, the door will shut, and they will be outside.

My son, tell those who hear My voice to continue to preach REPENTANCE to a lost world while you still can.  Soon you will not be allowed to, as you, My true bride, will be hated and hunted.

I love you all during these Dark Days ahead.  I AM COMING SOON!
Lord Jesus

Photos courtesy Depositphotos 

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