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cry out to the Lord to prepare us and ready us to be broken – Yahushua’ Servant

cry out to the Lord to prepare us and ready us to be broken

2020/03/13 at 4:58 PM
Yahushua’ Servant

Vision from this morning 3/13/2020 during prayer time and worship.

Hi, This morning during my prayer and worship, I saw a few open visions clearly. I know God is urging me to share it with those open to listening.

As I was sitting worshipping, I was in a strong presence of Lord. In my opening vision, I see inside of a church building with people casually sitting in there seats, listening to their sermon. Then I felt the Lord’s words, “I want broken people, when my people cry out to me in mass, thats when I will pour out my glory.” I was praying and asking Lord to soften their hearts, and be humbled. I knew it was his desire for people to be broken and cry out to Him and cry out in repentance.

He said, “I see my remnant are broken, they crying out to me with their broken hearts but my church is not.” I felt this feeling of His desire for broken people, for them to voluntarily submit to being broken, to soften their hearts but he will not go against our free will, he wants us to ask him to break us. The things that are going on right now, this is because it’s the last way for him to submerge us in the bath of affliction so we can be purified as gold gets purified when the temperature gets turned up.

Then, I saw many military planes flying everywhere in the sky. Next, I see a pilot with breathing gear with tubing on his face. Lastly, I see multitudes of people running in chaos, there are multiple horrible aggressive behavior from people. People being violent and vulnerable persons are violated physically. I urge everybody to really pray out and seek the face of the living God, cry out to the Lord to prepare us and ready us to be broken. Pray for those who are lost. I am servant of Yahushua, I hope this speaks to your heart.


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