August 24, 2018

My child, write these words down

What is coming upon America noone is truly prepared for. It will be unlike anything ever seen before as one event will trigger another. My elect, even your hearts are not prepared for the devastation. The severity of this impact will cause mass hysteria; mass confusion—people not knowing where to run to or what to do. Children, My hand is no longer protecting your putrid nation who has called every abomination and evil good and all that was good has been discarded. America is like a used menstrual pad to Me.

It is time now for severity to fall upon you children. You have NOT listened and you have discarded My true Words given as “hogwash”. You care only about getting your fill of your best life now yet cannot see how everything is falling apart before your very eyes; heads are buried into phone apps and social media. You walk around with blinders on as you live in denial about what is coming and about the state of your own “sin condition”. Instead of desiring Me to filter out your filth deep within you, you add more to your stained and filthy garments.

Many of you imagine My Spirit lives in you just as you live in fantasyland on Gilligan’s Island that everything is just fine in America. Don’t worry, be happy!

You stay intoxicated with your alcohol and drugs as life is one big party to you—one long happy hour! The opioids you so love keep you in a fog unable to comprehend much. I am a healer yet you do not seek Me to heal you. Children, you love your pharmaceutical addictions and carry it around as your identity. The time is so very near that soon not only food and water will be unavailable but your drugs you will no longer be able to purchase. As I AM strips you of all that you thrive on, crave and rely on, then you will clamor for healing. I must remove all your “crutches” so that you will finally see. Your blurred vision will become clear.

I desire to save you before it is too late for you. As your Father, I say My children are in need of much discipline and correction. It will be extremely difficult for those who do not ingest drugs and alcohol and even more difficult for those who do because once it is taken away you will go through horrific withdrawals. Your temples are polluted with all that is not of Me.

Many of you will be taken to prison, many to camps for re-education, many forced to take the Mark. Others will be “taken out” by those you cry out to now believing your government is there to protect you. Their orders are NOT to protect but to sway you to go with them to places of safety—as in FEMA camps, to convince you that you will be in good hands.

Children, I AM has warned of this so many times; I am weary of it for you refuse to believe. These soldiers work for satan. They listen to the commands of their evil masters who do satan’s bidding. Many of these soldiers are either chipped or even cyborgs. You do not understand end times or what is coming.

I have put out so much information for you to glean from through My vessels. UNBELIEF is what will take so many to hell. Past history is about to repeat itself in greater measure. You are living in the times where giants will roam the earth again, cannibalism, shootings on streets with the dead lying all over shall be commonplace.

Diseases with no cures will take so many lives. All your sexual immorality has caused these—when anything goes and men sleep with anyone and everyone and women dress like whores what do you expect? Where are your morals? Where is the decency—the modesty? Men with men, women with women, men with more than one woman, woman with two men, women marrying transgenders, men marrying transgenders, everyone changing their sex-adopting My babies, poisoning their minds with your filth that I, the God of all creation, did not create them as they are—beautiful! You strip My little ones of their innocence prancing them around—boys dressed as girls; girls as boys. There is a very heavy price to pay for what you do to My babies and My young ones. It is better to tie a millstone around your neck now for where I AM is about to send you is hell if you do not REPENT and LAMENT.

Nation of America has done more harm to My babies and young ones than any other nation. You throw My unborn in sewers, trash cans and flush them any way you can. You evil ones have sold My babies that you aborted as if I, the Omni-Present One cannot see you. Your money won’t save you for it too is soon to go. Where will you hide when I come for you—in your high rise penthouse suites; in your expensive vehicles, in your bunkers, on your islands? Where? I am coming for you wicked ones and I will wipe you off the face of this earth—not to mention I have a special place in hell for the wicked who kill My babies and throw them out like trash. Some of you wicked ones are already reprobates and others, who are still redeemable, you better cry out in repentance and beg Me for mercy!!!

To those who had an abortion because you were lied to, tricked by those in the abortion industry or because you did it out of fear, cry out to Me and repent and I will forgive you. You CAN be saved. I know what Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics tell people. Many of those who walk with Me and have returned were young and have made this same error but are forgiven for they did repent. So do not think there is no chance for you. I am able to save. I desire to offer you everlasting life. Come to Me! Do not put yourself in hell and be free of the guilt or regret you feel. Abortion is murder yet most do not see it as such.

I now speak to all who are addicts; who walk in darkness, seek Me NOW! As devastation hits so many will lose their lives in a millisecond. Do it NOW. I, Yahushua, understand your afflictions, understand how the pharmaceutical industry has gotten you hooked, how they are killing all who prescribe natural medications. You see, I put everything on earth to heal you but the evildoers cannot make trillions off of this nor can they enjoy watching you remain in sickness and dying a slow death. Come to your healer!

I, Elohim, will be putting My Power into My chosen army and there will be many healings; the miracles will amaze all those who will see them. Many I will heal soon to bring you back to Me. I desire this for you. Do not be afraid—not only will there be healings here but when you repent sincerely to Me you will be restored mentally, physically and emotionally. The Millennial Kingdom Age will be most joyful, glorious, peaceful. You will receive all the love you never had on earth.

A New Earth is coming but first evil must be purged from this one. My children must be chastised for disobedience to Me and correction follows. I am a most loving and generous El but I AM is your Father and children need discipline. My way is the ONLY way! My commands ALL will soon follow. My true church is arising in these final days. Soon all will see I AM the Almighty and will fall facedown. I WILL be praised and worshipped again!!! No idols will remain.

I AM has said enough. I have spoken.

(Given to Ms Sophie on 8/23/2018)

FYI: Gilligan’s Island was a show about 7 castaways. It aired for three seasons on the CBS network from September 26, 1964, to April 17, 1967.

Below is all He asked me to put out for you to read so you have hope and something to look forward to if you repent and return.

(From Bible Study Tools) The chart below provides a summary of the main characteristics of the Millennial Kingdom. As is readily seen, it will be a time unlike any in history. It will also be unlike the conditions in the eternal state (Rev. Rev. 21:1+Rev. 22:1+).

Imagine a world dominated by righteousness and goodness, a world where there is no injustice, where no court ever renders an unjust verdict, and where everyone is treated fairly. Imagine a world where what is true, right, and noble marks every aspect of life, including interpersonal relations, commerce, education, and government. Imagine a world where there is complete, total, enforced, and permanent peace, where joy abounds and good health prevails, so much so that people live for hundreds of years. Imagine a world where the curse is removed, where the environment is restored to the pristine purity of the Garden of Eden, where peace reigns even in the animal kingdom, so that “the wolf will dwell with the lamb, and the leopard will lie down with the young goat, and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little boy will lead them” (Isa. Isa. 11:6). Imagine a world ruled by a perfect, glorious Ruler, who instantly and firmly deals with sin. Humanly speaking, that description may seem far-fetched, a utopian fantasy that could never be reality. Yet it accurately describes conditions during the future earthly kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ.1

Character of the Millennial Kingdom
Attribute Description Scriptures
Duration One thousand years. Rev. Rev. 20:2-5+
Theocratic Rule God will rule in the person of Jesus Christ on the throne of David. King David reigns as a prince under Christ. See Millennial Reign of Messiah. 2S. 2S. 7:16; Ps. Ps. 89:20-37; Isa. Isa. 24:23; Jer. Jer. 30:9; Jer. 33:15-17; Eze. Eze. 34:23-24; Eze. 37:24-25; Eze. 45:22; Dan. Dan. 7:13-14; Hos. Hos. 3:5; Luke Luke 1:30-33.
Representative Rule The twelve apostles will represent Christ ruling over the twelve tribes. Church-age and Tribulation saints will represent Christ ruling over the Gentiles. See Millennial Reign of the Saints. Isa. Isa. 32:1; Dan. Dan. 7:17-18, Dan. 7:21-22, Dan. 7:27; Mtt. Mat. 19:28; Luke Luke 22:30; Rev. Rev. 3:21+; Rev. 5:10+.
Universal Rule Christ’s rule will extend both spiritually and literally over the entire earth. Ps. Ps. 2:6-9; Ps. 72:8; Dan. Dan. 2:44; Dan. 4:34; Dan. 7:14, Dan. 7:27; Mic. Mic. 4:1-2; Zec. Zec. 9:10
Seat of Government The earthly Jerusalem will be restored, blessed, and greatly expanded to serve as the seat of government and worship. See Jerusalem Married to God.2 Isa. Isa. 62:1; Isa. Isa. 65:18-19; Eze. Eze. 48:15-19; Luke Luke 21:24; Rev. Rev. 11:2+.
Global Environment The heavens and earth will be renewed to restore the creation to Eden-like conditions and repair the damage from man’s long reign of abuse and the judgments of the Tribulation period.3 Isa. Isa. 65:17;4Mtt. Mat. 19:28
Populace Resurrected and glorified saints will rule in the midst of Christ’s “brothers” (the faithful Jewish remnant), and the “sheep” (faithful Gentiles) who survive the Tribulation and enter the kingdom to form its initial population. Children will be born to those who enter the kingdom in their natural bodies. Dan. Dan. 12:2; Isa. Isa. 26:19; Isa. 65:20, Isa. 65:23; Mtt. Mat. 25:31; Rev. Rev. 20:4+
The Curse Many aspects of the curse (Gen. Gen. 3:15-19) will be reversed. People will live to a great age, but death will still occur.5 As before the flood, animals will revert to vegetarianism and will no longer fear man. Living waters will flow from beneath the sanctuary of the Millennial Temple bringing life to the regions they water. Isa. Isa. 11:6-9; Isa. 65:20, Isa. 65:25; Eze. Eze. 47:8-12; Zec. Zec. 8:4; Zec. 14:8; (cf. Rev. Rev. 21:1-2+)
Productivity The earth will be fruitful and men will enjoy the fruit of their labors.6 Ps. Ps. 67:6-7; Ps. 72:16; Isa. Isa. 35:1; Isa. 55:13; Isa. 65:22; Joel Joel 2:24-26; Joel 3:18; Amos Amos 9:13-14
Mount Zion The region of Mount Zion will be lifted up to form the Mountain of the Lord’s House.7 See Millennial Temple. Isa. Isa. 2:2; Isa. 56:7; Eze. Eze. 20:40; Eze. 40:2; Zec. Zec. 14:4, Zec. 14:10-11; Mic. Mic. 4:1
Israel Israel will finally inhabit the Promised Land permanently. She will serve as the focal point of the nations because Jesus will reign from Jerusalem.8 Gen. Gen. 13:15; Gen. 17:8; 1Chr. 1Chr. 17:9; Ps. Ps. 105:8-11; Isa. Isa. 60:21; Jer. Jer. 3:18; Jer. 7:7; Jer. 30:3; Jer. 31:8-9; Eze. Eze. 37:25; Eze. 39:25-29; Amos Amos 9:11-15
Peace All implements of war will be destroyed in favor of implements of productivity. Nations will no longer go to war. Disagreements between nations will be judged by Christ from Jerusalem. Ps. Ps. 72:3-7; Isa. Isa. 2:5; Isa. 9:7; Eze. Eze. 37:26; Mic. Mic. 4:3
Worship A temple will stand in Jerusalem and all the nations will go up to Jerusalem to the Feast of Tabernacles. Sacrificial offerings will be resumed.9 Isa. Isa. 2:3; Isa. 56:6-7; Isa. 66:20-23; Eze. Eze. 43:20, Eze. 43:26; Eze. 45:15, Eze. 45:17, Eze. 45:20; Jer. Jer. 33:18; Dan. Dan. 9:24; Joel Joel 3:18; Hag. Hag. 2:7-9; Zec. Zec. 6:12-15; Zec. 8:20-23; Zec. 14:16-21; Mal. Mal. 3:3-4. See Millennial Sacrifices.
Demonic Realm Satan will be bound in the abyss and demons will be imprisoned in the regions of Babylon, Edom, and possibly, the abyss. See commentary on Revelation 18:2 and Revelation 20:1. Isa. Isa. 34:8-17; Rev. Rev. 18:2+; Rev. 20:3+
Language The curse of Babel (Gen. Gen. 11:7), the introduction of varied languages, will be reversed. All the earth will have one language. Zep. Zep. 3:8-1210

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