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“Cry Havoc and let slip the Dogs of War!” – Visions 55 & 56 – Sharlene R

Sharlene R

“Cry Havoc and let slip the Dogs of War!” – Visions 55 & 56

Vision #55 April 12/18

I see myself once again walking down the stairs from below in the expanse area. The staircase is large and white. I think I could put at least 5 of me across a step. As I’m watching me walk down the steps, I notice an angel standing on the top of the stairs. He has golden armour on with some red- maybe a red belt? (I asked my cousin about the angel and she said that the red is part of his breast plate and is shaped like a diamond. Cool! ) His hair is dark. His wings are folded behind him but the tips of them stick up far above his head. I greet my friend and walk the short path to the vision area where all the others have gathered. They are all wearing white robes. I stay in the back with my friend and the vision opens up to smoke from a battle.

I see missiles in the air flying from left to right from ships in a sea and missiles flying from right to left as if they are firing at each other. There is a man that fills the right corner of the screen. I remember him from vision #10. He has short black dark hair and has a dark mustache and a short dark beard.(but I saw mostly his thick dark mustache) I’ve seen him in a vision past regarding an attack on Israel as he was the military figure that stuck his head out of a military tank. He was some kind of military commander. I can see through the smoke that the ground is hilly, there is light coloured rock and sandy/dusty. I see a map of the Middle-East and there are black arrows that go from west towards Israel and arrows that go east from Iran/Syria towards Israel. It seems Israel is caught in the cross fire. There is a lot of smoke but I don’t sense a lot of destruction. The picture changes and I see Trump standing on my left wearing a suit but I can’t see who he is talking to. He’s moving his hand while he’s talking; pointing with his index finger and saying “We can’t allow this to continue.” Then I see pictures of Putin and the president of Iran- Hassan Rouhani. That is all I saw. Jesus didn’t confirm when this will happen or if there’s more. (Hope note – see vision 56)

Vision #56 – Cry Havoc and let slip the Dogs of War ( 2 visions together)

Apr 13/18 evg

I walked down the staircase from the Throne room on my regular path. Jesus was standing beside me on the top of the stairs. I did look at Him from the bottom of the stairs at a distance from where I have often been standing in the expanse when I see see things around me. It was Jesus this time and not the angel. I greeted my friend and we walked a little closer to the vision area and looked at the screen.

It opened up to see a large military tank in front of me moving to my left. The landscape was the same that I saw in the previous vision #55 where it was rocky, hilly and light coloured rocks with sand. I didn’t see any trees. I noticed there are other tanks in the background as well moving in the same direction. They are navigating the rocky land. It looks like an army. Then I notice that same man again that I saw in the previous vision as well in vision #10- the man with thick black hair, a black mustache with a very short black beard. He was wearing a green military uniform like the picture I recently found with the military cap. But the picture is not of the man but just the uniform that I saw in my vision. He was leading in the front military tank.

I looked up and I saw fighter jets in the sky moving from my right to the left in a V formation. I was too far away to recognize where they were from. Then I’m in the air and get a jet fighter view and I see the lush land of Israel below me. I saw the Sea of Galilee and further south the Dead Sea. I looked to my right in the air and I also saw an army coming from the north over land. They are proceeding to Israel as well. Then suddenly there is a flash as the entire screen lights up and I can only see bright for a few seconds. It came from my left. I didn’t see where it came or from or what caused it. Jesus didn’t confirm that with me. That’s all I was shown. Jesus did confirm that the nations represented here are coming at Israel are Iran and Russia but He didn’t confirm yes or no to any other nations.

Just a note to the readers. It’s my understanding that Jesus wants me to write just the facts now and not my interpretation unless Jesus gives it to me. If He chooses not to confirm something with me it’s because He wants people to just take it as it is. He wants people to stop assuming and making up their own interpretations which may bias the reader giving a false interpretation. I’m not quite understanding this directive but I will be obedient and do as He has asked. There is a reason for everything He does even if I don’t understand it. And as I remember- I know and see in part. Thanks.


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