Crossroads – Ruth Johnson



June 9, 2021 5:49 PM
Ruth Johnson

Talk about unrequited love
For our dear Saviour
Sent to us from above.
Talk about a sacrifice!
Talk about a shame
When so many of us ignore,
Even shun His Holy Name!
Talk about a tragedy,
Talk about a crime,
To impale Him Who loves us
Everyday one more time.
Think of what He did
To win our hearts and minds!
Healed us, taught us,
The halt, lame, blind.
Walked to His death
Carrying His stake,
Beaten to a pulp.
His own people did forsake
God’s Blessed Son
Sent by our Father,
The Only One
Who could die for our sins.
And He did, yes He did,
In excruciating pain,
Every joint out of place,
Blood falling like rain,
Staining the stake,
Soaking the ground,
The jeering crowd
Standing around.
Crucify Him! Crucify Him!
They screamed with the fallen ones,
Joining in the evil,
Hatred on their calling tongues.
We have no king but Ceasar!
Where is Ceasar now?
Is he still the king
To whom we should bow?
Idolatry! Apostasy! Heresy!
Permeated that crowd,
The unholy throng,
Faces fraught with fury,
A discordant song.
The Pharisees, Sadducees, Priests
Could not kill a man,
They made the Romans do it,
Who did not understand.
Until the three hours of darkness
Descended on the land.
The curtain ripped in two
From top to bottom,
The massive shield
Of God’s Home sublime,
The one He dwelt in
At one time.
An earthquake raised dead holy ones
Who walked from graves to the city,
A centurion saw it happening,
Was moved to fear and pity.
This must be a righteous Man!
What have we done?
Where can we run!?
We have killed God’s Son!
Would it be different now
If we stood in that crowd?
Watching Him Who had been scourged
By the powerful and proud?
A usurping King
Who wanted us to change?
Give up our favorite sins,
Our worldly fortunes and fame?
Worship God and Him only,
Bow to His Holy Name?
Every hour we stand at the cross,
Every second we have a choice
Given to us by God above
Who sacrificed the Son
He Loves,
So we would have a chance
To love.
What do we do?
Do we sneer and jeer?
Scream we do not want You here?
In spite of this
He Loves us still,
Wants us to embrace Him,
Hold Him tight
Close in our hearts,
Say Jesus, thank You,
Jesus, don’t leave me,
Jesus, I love You!
And He will say,
I Love you too!



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