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March 12, 2021 10:25 AM
Prophetic Nurse


With the pandemic of CV-19 millions have lost jobs, homes, 401k, financial security etc. Not only here in America but worldwide. Many in different occupations opted for unemployment and stayed at home. Almost a bittersweet moment for some people but others not so much. I was told by my daughter’s previous daycare that “childcare providers have decreased by 30% since the pandemic.” Another home daycare provider also told me the same facts. She had a part-time spot available but only 2 days a week. Wow! Many occupations in our workforce are not work from home. This too has had an impact overall. But lately, I began to take a closer look at healthcare cost. We know in America that “the system” has been broken for decades.

According to, Pfizer’s “first 100 million doses cost about $1.95 billion dollars.” How are they making a profit when the CV vaccine is free to the public? I began to gather some information and see what people are paying when coming into the clinic. If you have insurance, you pay whatever co-pay is required. If you don’t have insurance and want a CV test, you may qualify and apply for the CV CARES Act. But for those who don’t, and need to see a doctor for any reason, you are charged private pay. Currently, my clinic’s office visit fee is $160 not including any labs, x-rays, etc.

This report is targeted towards the CV Test. For those who are patient enough, will opt to do a PCR Test and go to places like, CVS, Walgreens or any other free testing site. PCR is the nasal swab which, stands for polymerase chain reaction test. This is a diagnostic test that determines if you are infected by analyzing a sample to see if it contains genetic material from the virus. PCR test results takes an average of 2-5 days. The second test available is the Rapid Test which is also a nasal swab BUT you must have symptoms at least 72 hours for accurate results. I have encountered so many patients who lie about when their symptoms started. The third option is the saliva CV test but many don’t know this, so they don’t bother to ask. I tell patients that every symptom doesn’t =CV*19. Influenza and common colds still do exist.

For example: A patient wants a rapid CV test but started having symptoms yesterday, then you don’t qualify because the result could be a “false negative.” Then the story changes to, “Well I meant to say my symptoms started 3-4 days ago. Now can I get a rapid test? I’m just trying to go see my mom who lives out of town.” The stories go on and on. IT IS CRAZY!

Example 2: A patient wants a rapid CV test but does not have any symptoms. “Well can’t you just do it anyway?” or “Well, my boyfriend’s mother had it and I figure I may have it too.” SMH…

Here is a breakdown of current fees without insurance:

Rapid Test $310 (15–20-minute turnaround)
PCR Test $260 (2-5 days)
Rapid Test to travel $150+

And yes, people are quick to pull out their plastic and swipe. The front desk employee told me just last night that the clinic made over $6k in ALL (including non-CV visits) transactions for the day. That is not including the amount that insurance will cover.

However, you have people who are adamant and don’t care to wait will pay whatever money for a CV Test. So where is all this money going? In reality, many are still off work and looking for work. And with the travel industry hurting, they of course want people to come and vacation. If traveling to Hawaii, the airline will require a negative CV 72 hours before your flight. Now, I see more request for Aruba and Mexico travel as well require a negative CV Test. Many more destinations but I know specifically of Hawaii, Aruba and Mexico.

This particular corporation has a contract with the DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth) airport, which means you can get tested at the airport and pay $250. Yes…people are paying this kind of money just to go on vacation. Of course, this does not include airfare, hotel, rental car and other expenses. If you get tested at the clinic it is $150 where I work. One of the lab technicians told me this because she picks up shifts to go work at the airport. Here is another real-life scenario that happened:

-A family of 6 are on their way to Hawaii. They decided to get tested at the airport, paying a total amount of $1,500. One of the family members (the grandmother), tested positive. She was immediately flagged in the system, flight canceled, escorted out the airport by security and told to go home to quarantine. The remaining 5 family members said “goodbye” to grandmother and proceeded to get on their flight.

Yes, this all sounds bizarre but it is the truth. I was blown away by this comment yesterday but I try my best to keep my emotions and reactions intact. I guess the mask is at least good for that reason.

A married couple came in to get a rapid CV test because they leave for Hawaii Saturday. The wife says, “I can get tested free at my job but I need another one for travel. I’ve had both CV vaxx and I’m just ready to get on that plane. Yay!” Husband says, “Well, I’ve only had my first CV vaxx.”

• A mother and 18-year-old son come in for a rapid CV test, they are going to Hawaii too. The mother said, “We were supposed to go to Japan last year and couldn’t. Then we were going to book a cruise and couldn’t. Now we settled for Hawaii and my ENTIRE family has been vaxxinated. We just want to FOLLOW the rules and do whatever “they” say so we can get back to normal.” And then I get this question, “So have you been vaxxinated?” No, it’s optional not mandatory. The mother replies, “Oh?”

The media is feeding so many lies, people are/will fall deeply into the enemy’s trap. What will be the famous line? Oh, nobody told me? Why didn’t the drug company tell me? What am I supposed to do now? Now I need a third dose? Those who won’t listen and call the “true church/Christians” a bunch of conspiracy theorists with extreme imaginations. God never stopped talking but many have stopped listening, even some closest to us. I’m praying that the Lord will strengthen us even more, especially for the lost, our friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and strangers.

Prophetic Nurse

1 Corinthians 3:18 KJV
Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.

2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 KJV
And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

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