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Covid-19 Testimony: My Spiritual Encounter with Covid-19 aka Corona-Virus:

February 10, 2021 1:16 PM
Robby Cousins

In April of 2020 when the 1st wave of covid-19 was at its peak in the USA, I had a spiritual experience am now being led to share with the world. A family member of mine had contracted the disease in the USA and I was notified. Upon hearing of the life threatening symptoms, I felt really saddened in spirit and was moved with compassion to start praying for the individual.

NOTE: this person lives in the USA, while I live in Jamaica. It was almost the weekend when I got the news; therefore I kept this family member in my prayers for the whole weekend (Friday through to Sunday). Now by the Monday I realized I started feeling sick. My symptoms included; diarrhea; fever; weakness; & mild shortness of breath (SOB). I literally hid the SOB symptom from my household simply because I didn’t want them to panic or overcome with fear.

During this experience I started pondering whether or not I should go to the doctor. (Bear in mind, during this period people were told by health authorities to stay home if they were feeling sick; both in the USA & Jamaica). After crying out to the Lord & asking Him what is going on?? The Lord told me am not sick!! I was like what!! Then if am not sick why am I feeling like this??. Anyway I kept praying & asking the Lord what I should do especially for the SOB. Again I was told am not sick, to calm down & for the SOB I should boil some sea salt and inhale the steam for few minutes.

The Lord then revealed to me that what am experiencing are spiritual “Battle Scars”. Battle scars in the natural are similar to spiritual battle scars. In the natural when someone chooses to enter into a fight on their friend’s or family’s behalf he/she may receive bruises; scars or even loss of life from that fight. Not every battle people enter into whether spiritually or naturally they will come out scratch free. Soldiers in the army will understand exactly what am saying here, as well as soldiers in the army of Christ.

After 7 days of the above experience; I was perfectly restored from all symptoms including the mild SOB; & to date: by the grace of God, my household has shown NO sign/symptoms of illness from this wicked man-made pestilence orchestrated by satan himself.

I am now (On Aug 27th, 2020) led by the Lord to share this experience/testimony, because the virus has mutated and the 2nd wave is currently rising. All of the world’s protocols set by men won’t be able to save or protect anyone, simply because the virus is not necessarily a natural one, but is demonic & filled with witchcraft/trickery/lies/fear & confusion.

We are all appointed to die once according to scriptures; therefore if persons’ appointed time has come & the Lord chooses to allow them to be removed from this world via this man-made pestilence; it will be. The important thing to note: is today is the day of salvation. Therefore, while it is called today: confess all sins to the Lord, ask for forgiveness & give your life to Jesus-Christ!!!

NOTE: one main reason for sharing this testimony is to let people know this virus is NOT against flesh & blood but against spiritual hosts of wickedness in both earthly & heavenly places.

Be Blessed!!! Amen!!!🔥❤

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