Coronavirus – Trupti Desai


March 20, 2020 9:43 PM
Trupti Desai

this message that was given by the Holy Spirit. I was sitting this evening and was prompted to write the below.

The pale horse
An early warning
A day of reckoning

God informed us in the Bible the day would come

We did not listen
We went on with our lives
Ignoring God

We know better than God!


We are invincible
Nothing can take us down

Until a day of reckoning
The virus came out of the blue

From China to the world
A global awakening

Awaken spirits
You have been asleep for so long

Now you have been warned
This is nothing compared to what is to come

Awaken I say
Open your eyes
Repent of your ways

Now is the time to see
Time to follow the word
For it is true

The real tribulation is to come soon
This is your first warning
No time to mock me

Prepare, Repent and know it to be true

I told you this day would come

Trupti Desai


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