Corona Virus: Darkness Coming Into Homes – Anonymous

Corona Virus: Darkness Coming Into Homes

March 25, 2020 4:28 AM

I was having time with the Lord in worship on the 21/3/20, i was thinking about all that’s happening around the world with corona virus, I was thinking about lockdown and how some Christian are rejoicing that they will have more time with God with no interruptions reading Bible ECT….,

I then saw alot of homes in lockdown with such darkness in these homes, women and children being bashed , sexual abuse ,fighting amoungest themselves ,I started crying and said to the Lord what can we do this is so big , the Lord then reminded me of the centurion story in the bible, and then I realised I can pray from my home , just like the centurion, he said just say the word that my servant will be healed,so I will pray and say in Jesus name that Jesus would enter every home where there was darkness and bring his light in and free people as the Bible says ,he who the son( Jesus) sets free is free indeed, he was coming into homes with such power ,healing delivering and setting people free all over the world in so many homes ,familes being restored rescued renewed.

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  1. Diane Boegel

    Thank you for sharing this. At this time we can forget that lockdown means that whatever is happening behind close doors can increase in intensity because there is no pressure valve! Let us pray also that the Lord would give us creative ideas about sharing the Good News even though we are “safe in place”……

  2. Sujit

    The timing of this post was perfect. On the day I read it, I’d been gradually allowing my feelings to get the better of me. When I read the post, the Lord showed me what I was allowing to happen, and I chuckled, because I should have actually picked up on the darkness trying to enter my home sooner. But praise be unto the Most High, the moment I read the post, I resolved to crucify my carnal feelings and stop the darkness in its tracks.

  3. Fisher

    This is a beautiful and needed word. The kind of prophetic voice which calls us to pay attention to God’s purposes and ACT on His behalf immediately.

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