Conjunction of 5 planets – Cassandra


Conjunction of 5 planets

June 21, 2022 5:57 AM

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Yahushua,

We are in a time now of a conjunction, or alignment of 5 planets:. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. Fri. June 24, around 4:20 a.m. will be the best time to see all planets, and the moon. I went out this morning to look, and saw only two, or possibly three with my naked eye. I have a monocular, (like binoculars but one) but it wasn’t much help. The mosquitos also ate me alive. If you feel moved to go see this, go early (check the time for your location for best viewing,) get to a dark place away from city lights, try to give your eyes 20 min. to adjust to the datk, bring bug spray, and Iike to bring a folding chair to sit in. It is the east to southeast sky.

I had a dream of 5 planets in straight alignment as if by a string or what I thought were moons on 3/6/17. I am not sure if my dream was for this alignment though, as I announced that one of those planets was nibiru.

I am praying about the meaning of this conjunction, and also for clear skies on the morning of 6/24.

Here are a couple links on it:



There are verses on keeping watch of the times and blessings therein. Not astrology, but rather astonomy.

Book of Jasher Ch. 54 18-20 states:

“18 He ordered them to bring before him his map of the stars, whereby Joseph knew all the times, and Joseph said to Benjamin, I have heard that the Hebrews are acquainted with all wisdom, do you know anything of this?
19 And Benjamin said Thy servant knows all the wisdom which my father taught me. Joseph said to Benjamin, Look now at this instrument and understand where your brother Joseph is in Egypt, who you said went down to Egypt.
20 And Benjamin observed that instrument with the map of the stars of heaven and he was wise and looked therein to know where his brother was…”

Blessings, encouragement, and shalom,
Keep looking up, our redemption draweth nigh.

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