Confirmation & Old Vision From God – Only a Grain of Sand

Confirmation & Old Vision From God

July 2, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

I read the last part of the new message from THE TEMPEST by Byron Searle “I love you very much, and correction is needed for a spoiled child. Repent now!” Immediately jolted by the Holy Spirit about a vision he gave me for many, many years, 1980 onwards. We are spoiled brats!

In the vision I am in a suburban house in the living room and there is a play-pen on the broadloom carpet, with a male-child in it. I have a sneaking suspicion I am also that child, but it represents this society at large also. The parents (God) are in the next room on the left, behind a wall, in the kitchen, working on preparing the dinner (The Wedding Feast Of The Lamb). The look is 1950’s or 60’s furniture and décor; I get the impression this is when we as a society started to get go off the deep-end morally, spiritually…

I watch as the child looks around to see if anyone is watching? No he is alone. He starts to act-up, first tearing up all the fabric placed there for his own comfort (the beginning of self-destruction). Next throwing it all over the room. After that he has a bowel movement and gets real nasty, throwing it at the furniture and rubbing it on the wall next to the play-pen. I was shocked but could not intervene, I was only aloud to be a witness, though I am culpable/responsible as it really is me also.

Finally the parents come out because of the foul smell, and noise as the child is now screaming, ranting and raving, to see the mess. The child has gone wild and is flailing his arms. He is disciplined, but what amazed me is the parents, and I do not see there bodies or faces, turn on a fire-hose! and a huge stream of water starts flying around the room all over the walls and floors to clean it all up.
The vision fades…


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