Confession of the Sins of the Land – T Andrew Farley

Confession of the Sins of the Land

Oct 27, 2019
T Andrew Farley


Later this week, we’re moving into a new home (new to us) the Lord has made the way to lease. This is a brief testimony and a prayer model for praying for land, your home, or more.

I’m sharing a prayer (below) that was drafted while I was praying in the Holy Spirit, literally as I typed it the night before I went to a meeting at a nationally recognized (and very successful) faith based alcohol and drug addiction recovery program or facility for men and women.

I was blessed in an earlier meeting to pray for the leader there, the Spirit moved, and he invited me back (along with another brother in Christ) to pray for their facilities, their property and to bless the land.

They had been experiencing heavier than usual spiritual warfare at a level he had not seen before, affecting employees, patients, everyone…

It was an honor to be invited and the Spirit of the Lord moved through the decrees, the declarations, and this opening prayer. I prayed it at the beginning, and then we (3 of us) walked the property, circling the men’s and women’s facility, anointing the property with oil and praying as we were each led.

If you’re a believer in Christ, and you don’t pray and bless or anoint your property, it’s a risky thing as you may experience some of the things that have happened there in the past or be open to spiritual attack from curses that remain on the land.

We’re in a war, and soon the King of Glory is returning to rule and reign! Any open spiritual doors we can close through biblical authority, we must! (first within ourselves by repentance, then we consecrate our property) When we pray and believe, when we anoint our doors and property line, when we bind and loose, warriors angels are dispatched to eject spiritual trespassers.

I can’t turn this into a scripture loaded teaching right now or it would be too long. I will come back and share scriptures later in comments, or other relevant links. I encourage every believer to be a good Berean (Acts 17:11) and search out the scriptures themselves.

Anyway, I’m pasting it pretty much as drafted. Use it as a model if you’d like, pray and ask God by the Holy Spirit, to lead you in discerning anything in your home that needs to go? (example: cursed objects)

Ask God to lead you with scriptures (praying Psalm 91, etc.) as you anoint your home with oil. (To do that, just get some virgin olive oil, hold it up and ask the Father to bless the oil in Jesus’s mighty name!) This oil by itself has no power, but it’s representing the power of God in faith, the supernatural power and presence of God in our lives through living word and prayer; to those who are truly led by the Spirit, and not the flesh.

God bless you all. Remember, we have to endure until the end to become over-comers, don’t give up!

Watch and pray always…(Luke 21:36)

Here’s the prayer:


MN Adult Teen Challenge: Blessing of the land
Confession of the Sins of the Land:

Father, we gather today boldly to petition your courtroom and throne of grace, with praise and thanksgiving! We thank you Father for the blessing of this land to MN Adult Teen Challenge, for these 2 facilities, which you are using to break chains!

In the mighty name of Jesus (Yeshua) your only begotten Son, the Lord of Hosts, we assemble to pray and consecrate this property or land fully into your provision and protection, and to the fullness of blessing, as this property and all buildings on it are being used for your glory, as part of your Kingdom purposes at the end of the age!

The three of us here, gather in the unity of your Spirit, to stand in the gap and as available vessels unto you in Kingdom power and authority, granted to us by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! (Luke 10: 17 &19, Luke 9:1-2)

We ask forgiveness on behalf of this land for any and all:

Witchcraft, stubbornness, rebellion, iniquity or idolatry. We plead the blood of Jesus over this entire property, against any and all satanic worship, practices, or covenants, any and all occult activity, demonic dedications, the worship of any other gods, and especially over any and all cursed objects in the open, hidden, or buried anywhere on this land.

Lord, I ask your forgiveness for any sexual sins or perversions that have taken place on this property at any time, point or place, now back through all generations to Adam and Eve.

I confess as sin and repent of any shedding of innocent blood, violence, murder, or criminal activity that has taken place on this land, and I ask you to cleanse this property by the blood of Jesus right now.

We ask for forgiveness for any sacrifices, and any or all affliction or persecution of the righteous, any racism or anti-semitism, word curses of any kind, and any and every other sin, known or unknown!

We serve notice and issue right now, to all demons, any and all dark agents, principalities or powers, fallen angels, agents, imps or minions of any sort, working for or with the adversary (Satan) a cease and desist order to any and all attacks of employees or tenants, residents or visitors at either of these two facilities, effective immediately!

I bind, break, cancel, curse, dismantle and destroy any and all satanic blueprints, drawings, curses, hexes or vexes, soulish or psychic prayers, or any demonic hindrances or snares, and we end all satanic claims or dedications to or on this land; as we consecrate and SET IT APART FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD!

I decree and declare it as HOLY GROUND in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth/Yeshua HaMaschiach!

I ask your warrior angels be immediately dispatched to evict any and all demonic trespassers, in the mighty name of Jesus. We decree any and all snares of the fowler TRIPPED and exposed, and proclaim that any enemy agent that would ever try to trespass on this land again, be caught in their own trap that they would dig!

I bind any and all demonic backlash and retaliation that would come at me, or any other member of this assembled team, or any employees, residents or visitors of this property.

Per the word of the living God (Psalm 3:3 and Psalm 5:12) I declare a SHIELD OF FAVOR over this property, and MN Adult Teen Challenge!

Father, we ask for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, council and might, by the Lord and the Spirit of the fear of the Lord for Tom and every future leader you may assign to this property if the Lord tarries.

In the might name of Jesus (Yeshua) we anoint this property and the 4 corners of it, with this oil representing the anointing power of the Holy Spirit, and the blood of Jesus!

Finally, I loose BLESSING, and SHALOM multiplied, over the land, over every employee, resident, and visitor.

I decree and declare this property is HIDDEN IN CHRIST, for the work of the great harvest; and we decree we will continue to “abide in you”, and we appropriate all the promises, provision and covenant of Psalm 91, over this land, and your people, in the mighty name of Jesus!


This biblically based prayer was drafted by the Holy Spirit through T. Andrew Farley, bondservant to the Lion of the tribe of Judah; Wings of Glory Healing, 06/11/2019. This may be copied (or adapted and modified) by anyone who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, for blessing their home, office, or land.

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