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Compilation of Obama Dreams – Adam Steiger


Compilation of Obama Dreams

July 3, 2021 11:30 AM
Adam Steiger

Hello again, 444 Prophecy News.

While going through my old dreams this morning, I again came across a section where I had compiled just about every Obama dream that I’ve ever had; even as early back as 2009, during his first term.

I’ve previously submitted some of these dreams. However, due to the lateness of the hour, I believe this could be an effective witness for others, in being able to read all of these, together, as a single compilation.

I pray, Lord willing, this can be useful.


September, 2009

“Obama, Demon-Face, & Roaring Flames”

During this time, I had no strong opinion regarding President Barack Obama (I neither favored him, nor hated him), other than I thought it was cool that the country had elected its first black president almost a year, prior.

Detailed below is a brief dream vision I had concerning him.

In this vision, I first saw this clear image of Barack Obama from about the neck up. He was staring directly outward with his face turned to the left, as if news cameras were recording him addressing an audience:

Suddenly, his face then became very pinkish, puffed up, and distorted — as if a demon’s face was being superimposed upon him! Even two rounded horns appeared to protrude out from his temples.

And almost immediately after this, his image and the setting vanished entirely…

…as I then saw before me a vast, open-wide black cavern full of roaring flames


March 10, 2019 (9 30 a.m.)

“Obama is About to Go to War!”

I was walking outside of my old house and onto the sidewalk toward the street, finishing a cigarette (represents worry).

It was night out, and I had then realized that I was in a dream (the spirit realm).

I recall telling myself to just trust God with anything that happens (vs. operating on defensiveness, anger, or fear), as I noticed two pickup trucks pulling up to the duplex across the street from me. As they parked next to the right hand apartment building, it looked like they were dropping off some mail and packages by the front door.

One of the pickup trucks was white, while the other was blue.

“Blue. That [color] stands for prophecy…” I muttered, as I continued to look on.

After they pulled away and left the neighborhood, I then contemplated what I should do next. After peering down past the road where the trucks had driven off, however — I then felt a gentle force (Holy Spirit) attempting to guide me toward the direction of the apartment building, where the mail was dropped off.

I choose to oblige (Amos 3:3).

Ascending my neighbor’s stairwell, I noticed a small mess of letters, newspaper and other adverts, along with a large package resting against the front door. Resisting the urge to take all of it, I decided to just collect most of what was down in front of me. Afterward, I turned away and began walking back toward my house, taking a moment to glance at what I had taken.

The first advert near the top of the pile caught my attention.

I don’t recall everything verbatim — but the advert had a yellow color to it, along with this message:


I awoke almost immediately after reading this.


February 27, 2019

Had a late dream this morning involving me in my current house bedroom and sitting on the floor watching the TV screen in front of me. Obama was front and center on the screen, and he was addressing a crowd in front of him.

His face was very demonic, and his ears were big and gnarled — while his right ear resembled the end of a trumpet. His left ear, on the other hand, was folded over, as if it plugged itself up. There was also this spider-like/pentagram image directly on his forehead (which seems to strongly correlate with the upcoming mark of the beast).

Afterward, another black man then appeared on the screen beside him, on his right — but with feminine hair and, like, this red ribbon/purse strap over the top of his head (his “wife” Michelle?).

At the bottom of the screen, a news crawler graphic said “List Au”.

(As in…the periodic table symbol for gold?)


Tuesday, December 10, 2019

I saw Barack Obama walk out onto a small, elevated stage.

Immediately, I then seen this giant dragon/humanoid being appear (I perceived it to be about 12 feet tall) and he walked toward the stage (from the floor level) and embraced Barack Obama.

I perceived that this was Satan.

After this — a very foreboding wind instrument and trumpet score played, indicating that a very grave danger was about to occur. The beginning of this score, specifically, had six trumpet notes, followed by another 7 notes.

(13, total.)


Friday, December 13, 2019

From my neighborhood street outside my house, I had walked up and over the hill and…it looked like a church crowd was filming some kind of movie?

I interrupted it and yelled out, warning them all “THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS COMING! READ MATTHEW 24!!”

I also warned them (after an initial struggle to get the words out) “OBAMA IS THE ANTICHRIST! POPE FRANCIS IS THE FALSE PROPHET! AVOID THOSE TWO!”


Saturday, February 15, 2020 (6:12 a.m.)

Old House Kitchen

Transitioning from a prior dream segment, I was now facing the form of this young black woman (more brown skinned than black). Her short hair was slicked and brushed back, and she had on this metallic grey, futuristic looking jacket and pants (sort of like track clothes).

She also had a bit of this supernatural glow about her.

I’m not a gamer anymore, but I would compare this glow, somewhat, to magic user characters in RPGs, such as Elder Scrolls: Mirrowind and the Fable series. The glow wasn’t blinding bright or very white…but somewhat like a white-violet glow, that seemed to especially emanate from parts of her neck and up.

I then asked her “Are you a fallen one…in the name of Jesus?”

She answered “Yes!” and began walking away from me, to the left and into the hallway area of my house.

“When are you all coming back?” I urged

I pressed further.

“Just humor me on this — when are you all coming back?”

“I’m not going to tell you!”

“…In 10 years?” I persisted.

She then paused and opened up more, stating that they were waiting for “their #44” to come back into power.

“You all are waiting for Barack Obama!”

I automatically knew.

“As soon as Barack Obama comes back into power, you all will return!”

She acknowledged my response.

We were now standing, face to face, by the kitchen sink.

“Let me tell you. You all are going to come back — but we [the remnant of the body of Christ] are going to defeat you! …and I think you all know that.”

“Because God works through us…and you all know that.”

She remained in the room with me, as I continued and said “Let me know something. Why? From spirit to spirit, why do you hate us?”

I don’t remember her response to me on this, but as she began to reply, her body (leaned up against the counter) then slid down to the ground and, seemingly, fell apart into pieces…like water pouring out of a vessel?

(Interpreted: they’re condemned beings for rebelling against God, and have no redemption: they are irredeemable. And her body falling apart in the manner of flowing water represents His very life and glory departing from them, like water pouring out of a vessel. Hence, why they hate us: we’ve got, in Christ’s redemptive plan of salvation, what they can never have; therefore, their one “redeeming” purpose for existing, before ultimately being cast into the eternal lake of fire, is to deceive and to take as much of mankind down with them as they can)

Then, mysteriously (as only dreams can), her body restored and she was standing again, a few feet away, and facing me, by the threshold of the hallway and kitchen.

Boldly, and authoritatively, I then marched toward her:

“And we’re going to defeat you, in the NAME OF JESUS!”

I was on fire in the Lord, and holding nothing back.


I the briefly “awoke” into another dream segment, before waking up entirely.







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