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Coming Waves Approaching AMERICA! – Erik Espinoza [Awaken My Ear]

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“2012,” from Roland Emmerich; Washington DC tidal wave.

Coming Waves Approaching AMERICA!

July 25, 2020 9:44 PM
Erik Espinoza
Awaken My Ear

DREAM: 7-22-2020

A big tsunami wave was approaching the White House, and eventually went over it ( deep impact reference to describe it) ended up underneath the tidal wave. A statue was also floating above the sea level… Dream ended!

Prayed asked the lord for interpretation.
Received the following :

TSUNAMI WAVE REPRESENTS: The fierceness of the coming storm that is coming! High intensity.

White House Represents: America, Power, Strength, Wealth. Glamorous in appearance strong in stature.

Shaking after Shaking will begin to overflow…
Financial System, Political, War with the North, devastation after devastation springing forth like a rose..

After prayer, and seeking the Lord face, began to hear the voice of the holy ghost speak to me the following : 911! Bombs dropping, Terrorist Attack, began to be reminded of the event that took place on Sep 11 in NYC.

SPEAK unto the world Son Of Man for those who have ears to hear let them hear, what the spirit of God is saying through this empty vessel of mine. Behold my people the time is nigh to awaken out of your sleep, for your enemies are plotting from within! Did I not warn you that AMERICA is coming to a time of great judgment? Behold son of man Speak to the multitudes that wish to hear from me, for what IAM saying at this hour Thus Saith The Lord, your PRESIDENT Time will be cut short!! ( duck, duck, GOOSE childhood game analogy also Duck Hunt came to mind ) As the time to eliminate him has come! Your King and I will meet face to face! In his shame, and vain glory will he weep, mourn to me and wish he would have turned the other way. The Vengeance of an angry God is surely upon you. No prayer can withhold my hand of judgment springing forth ( Read Ezekiel 14:12-23) I’ve warned, and warned numerous times Thus Saith The Lord! My warnings have gone through deaf ears, and people will refuse to accept this word from coming to pass. You were their PLAN to their great SCHEME to deceive THEE ( trump being part of their agenda, “ELITES”) ( was also reminded The serpent was crafty and deceive EVE in Genesis 3 ). You were their experiment to BLAME! ( came to my attention EMPEROR NERO blaming the christians in 64AD)

later heard..
Repentance AS A WHOLE ( NATION) (sackcloth and ashes literally )is REQUIRED to withold this assassination/ catastrophes from occurring…..

The wolves in sheep’s clothing won’t know what hit them, when the man they put their whole confidence in becomes it’s downfall. They will run like cowards from the very congregants they deceived, and in no turning back they will FLEE, like a high speed chase! The criminal not willing to go down without a fight will eventually fall, and be taken captive into custody for the crimes committed. So it shall be when my people will see clearly for the first time, as newborn baby, and will realize they were much deceived.. Where is the prophet of the LORD the shall say? Who will show us our error? Who has a living word from on high? For truly I say unto thee son of man, as they persecuted the prophets before you, so shall they seek to find one of my very own in which they neglected on hearing. Then Shall they know, that they SINNED AGAINST THE LORD THY GOD! who has prospered them, and nurtured them like a child birth out of the womb, suckling on it’s mother’s breast as per say! Then Shall they know that I AM THE LORD while they played the hireling they were plotting! PREPARE TO MEET THY LORD THY GOD FOR THE HOUR OF YOUR VISITATION HAS COME THUS SAITH THE LORD OF HOSTS THE BEGINNING AND THE END, THE FIRST AND THE LAST, WHO IS WHO WAS AND IS TO COME!


Ezekial 14: 9-21
Genesis 3 1-7
Revelation 1:8
Jeremiah 22:8.
Jeremiah 23 13-20
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John 10:12


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