“Coming is the time that everything in this world will be turned upside down” – Kathy Mote

Kathy Mote

August 14, 2018

In a vision I see an angel, easily 100 feet tall. He is standing on the Earth with a rod of discipline in his hand. He brings the rod down where he stands, and it reverberates through the entire world, sending percussions of shock waves that gird the globe. Earthquakes, great waves and fires erupt as the world enters great travail.

Coming is the time that everything in this world will be turned upside down, when peace of mind, not money, gives a person great wealth. All that can be shaken will be shaken, leaving no pretence of life, but those who are already shaken in Him will rise in joy that can be seen.

In this time of fire, the presence of the Lord will be seen in His Beloved as a great light, for I see brightly piercing beams rise in every place the Lord’s name is cried out from the heart. I hear the Lord say, You who are aflame will be a great light. Be not dismayed, for what need is there to return to the forge what has already come through the fire?


  1. Tatyanna Smith

    I don’t see anything

  2. Lisa Ann Radice

    Who is Kathy Mote?

  3. Caesar Romero

    Kathy Mote is a prophet and also my best friend ✝️❤️🔥

  4. Kelly

    I thought I was your best friend ??

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