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Coming Back In The Transformation

January 8, 2022 5:51 PM
Who Makes Intercession For Us

Sunday 9th January 2022 at 9:51am

This is My experience, that you will be transformed in the flash of an eye. It will happen very fast once your hearts are ready. Till the very last one joins with us in this celebration this will happen very very soon now. You can fell it My daughter, you can feel it.

It is a wonderful thing and the deliverance has been true in Me and in you. This you have felt in Me. Thus I want you to experience more in Me. I want you to know more of Me and how it feels to transform. It will happen very fast and you will not ‘feel’ it as such there will be no pain or suffering to you or your body My Child this you can be assured of, I promise. It will be a pleasant experience (I think tonight at the AA meeting?) No it will not physically be tonight, My child wait, so impatient, I can see your mind you know.

Just keep going, it is getting better you know it, you have had it tough. I know, I see your pain and your will to try and please Me, untill you give up.

Many things will happen and it will make sense one day. Why did I do, what I did to your life? I have shut every door, literally every door. You have noone, not one family or friend member do you know now, not even any brethren, NOT one, do you? (No not one) I have shut every door because I want to be the one that opens them again for your joy in Me. It has been hard, your only friends now are the drunks in the streets in which you live. Not one friend, not one has followed you. Not one, they have ALL forsaken you. You have nothing to live for as you say, not one. Your children have never seen thier mother in over a year and a half and I have had you be ‘nice’ to your ex never taking him to court, never lying in wait for him and all his evil ways against you.

You have been taken to court, trodden on and hated by ALL and I mean all. Not one ‘likes’ you in their hearts they ALL dispise you, in thier hearts. I have given you this life for a reason. Thrown in jail for My name sake.

Who will they have to look up too? The one that had been warning them ALL for years and none believed, none. It is for a reward unto you My child. You will be known among the nations they will watch your every move. Everywhere you go they will follow. They will not be able to help it. They will want to watch as you travel and see where you go. You will go to the most rotten house in town because your friend lives there, she will get the shock of her life. Truly, when she sees you make her walk again straight. It will happen, have My promise. Have My promise, I know you have wanted to heal so bad and I seen your heart in praying for people’s legs and not see them heal in your hands. You believe, I know you do. You just wanted the touch, I have had to watch and not move in the spirit the way you wanted. It was hard but I have not preform these miracles in My name yet. Not the way you wanted thus is important as I want them to know My name.

They will follow you up and down the coast everywhere you go. You will have to send them home, they must learn of Me. I love them, they are not listening to Me they are lovely and where sent to test you and you them.

They are a fond reward, your father (he is talking about My earthly father) will return, very much so. He will return to you like the others, they will have no other way. It will get crazy. I can’t say any more, they will just go crazy, very very mad for you. You will have to stay calm, they are just excited to see My return and the coming Christ. Trouble will surround you, that is just a fact.

A true fact, I will be in you, more than you are now and it just won’t happen they can NOT hurt you. But your followers yes, very much so, you will have to protect them very much so. Do what a say, scatter them if they come. (The authorities) Trouble will abound but they can NOT hold you but go in because I want in to take My captives out of the system, they will follow you. Let them, they are excited.

The trouble will start immediately you will learn your new body on the go, there is no time to stop, never they will never know Me like before some will simply not believe.

The ‘boys’ will be first, you will be an angel when you appear to them and heal them first. They will not have to much more work to do.(He meant spiritual healing in him after I touch them) They will know you and you just have to love on them. They love you, you know this. They just want to see you shine.

There is much to say, what can I say next. (I ask for words about My physical friends and family) They will ALL come back every single one you have prayed for. You have always held them in your hands even the ones you forget about, it has been a long journey but you are right. They will come out of the wood work truly crawlling out of the wood work, and if they do not know you, they will come looking. So many, at times you will just have to disappear, it will get to much.

Just wait, so do not give up. I know it is hard, you want it over and it will be soon, I promise it has been a hard refining period, truely hard but I do not want them saying ‘you had it easy’, ‘you came across the line first and it was easy’, ‘I made it easy for you.’ You got it simple, that it not the way it happens, everyone must come to Me and die to Me before I convert them.

They must, this must get tough because they are NOT listening they can not say ‘you had it easy, because of the times’ never, you have had it all and more then they will experience as they will mostly stay together in small groups to encourage each other.

You have not had this privilege you have been turned on by everyone, truly everyone. They love you from afar and do not want to get too close. I have a lot of people for you to meet. You will go to Canberra, this will all happen in time to come. Do not worry for a thing, I will show you the way. I have much planned and it will get crazy everyone will claim to ‘know’ you, this is just there plan.

There will be so many stories about you everyone will come out of the wood work, lies you have never heard. Stay strong in Me. They will hate you, truly hate you and want to kill you, but can not. Just be on guard. Do not spend to long anywhere, you will need time out.

There will be so much to learn, so much. They do not know Me, never have they seen Me before thus I come IN the flesh. I have had My time of waiting and there will be a new class of people, they will not know what to do with you, are you human or another life form?
This will be a people, many will not trust, many. Thus they will have to learn the truth. Many enemies will be coming out, just wait there is much to fight. Just stay cool and your emotions will be mine, so be attentive to them. It will be clear but hard to fight, if it is getting too much.

They will call you alien but who cares, are you? They know you, (people will recognise me) Thus I have had you on the streets for years. They can say, they do not know you but they do. You have met many and they have seen you before, now they just have to believe in Me. Especially if they have taken the jab, they are after the pure bloods as they call them. Pure blood in Christ they will want to take you down but just wait to see what I do, it is all planned from the very beginning with you onboard so know the plan is to restore humanity to its rightful place and to judge the enemy thus this is all coming.

The Father who Art in heaven, speaks this day

I asked what scriptures to reference and he said just the The Lord’s Prayer, King James Version (KJV)

Matthew 6:9-13
9 Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. 10 Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. 11 Give us this day our daily bread. 12 And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. 13 And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

Read more at: https://www.lords-prayer-words.com/king_james_version_kjv.html

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