December 14, 2020 7:50 AM
Lisa B – Prayer Warrior
Isaiah 43:18-19 
18 Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.
19 See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

I believe the Lord is preparing his Bride for transformation and this involves closure on various levels. I received three dreams of death (three nights in a row) last week and
received the meaning this evening. As always, take this to the Lord for confirmation. I think it could be multi-layered in meaning.

Night 1 – Dream 1: I dreamt a family member had died. (Someone who has caused me immense pain and betrayal through their actions, this was a large part of my wilderness experience.)
Night 2 – Dream 2: I dreamt my husband died. (My husband is no longer a believer.)
Night 3 – Dream 3: I dreamt my dad died. (My father is bedridden and is a believer.)

Meaning given:

The Lord corrected my thinking, the dreams do not mean they will die in the literal sense. (Though they might, but the meaning is symbolic.)
The repetitive message is death to the past and current situations, it also confirms many of our yokes will be removed.

Dream 1 – Death and farewell to this awful chapter. It is over. I have forgiven, no longer will this be a part of me. The Lord is doing a new thing, removing this yoke and opening the next chapter.
Dream 2 – Death and farewell to my current life, husband, job, children, friends
Dream 3 – Death to my past. My dad lives in Africa and I cannot see him because of CVEEi9 and distance. He represents my past, memories, history. The dream also focused on my physical insecurities and fake friends.
These would no longer be an issue to me.

The Holy Spirit then reminded me of a vision I had, of me walking in a dark hallway with all the doors shut. The door at the end opened and a glowing orange/gold being stood there. The person/being shimmered and seemed fluid-like.
I received confirmation this evening, that the hallway represents ‘transition.’
I believe this is the transformation of the Bride and we (all of the bride or some) are walking in the hallway now, transitioning or getting ready to do so.

A few nights after these death dreams, I dreamt I looked to the sky and saw four or five moons and two planets and I’m certain I was looking at the Planet X solar system.
This is further confirmation that the transformation, the anointing and 3 days of darkness, is on its way

I also heard a word (I think Mike444 read it) that our yokes are removed at the anointing.
I thank the Lord for being so gracious in his messages. He knows we are weary, he knows our troubles are burdensome and that being unequally yoked in so many different situations is pulling us down.

What a joy to know that its changing, The Lord is removing our yokes. He is coming.
I AM is coming!



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