Cling to Me as the days grow darker – Steadfast & Hopeful

Cling to Me as the days grow darker

February 27, 2021 6:33 PM

Message from the Lord

On 2/8/21. I woke from sleep @ 4:58 am. As I lay praying I asked the Lord if He had a word He would like Me to share with people. I heard “Yes Daughter, it is I, Yahshua, please write this down.:

“Tell My people I AM coming soon. I will not ‘rapture’ them or take them home until My Father’s purpose for each one is completed here, in this realm, for this time I know each of you intimately and know your struggles and pain. Even so, your decision to follow Me and to cling to Me as the days grow darker and more perilous is paramount. I need you to keep your eyes fixed on Me, not on solving the world’s problems or your latest family conflict. Lay those concerns at My feet and leave them there.

If you do NOT heed my voice, a still small voice or a simple command, you will NOT survive those things which are about to come upon this nation and achieve your purpose for the glory of My Kingdom. Be at peace. Ask Me before making decisions. My Holy Spirit will guide you, give you words to speak, alert you, and protect you with discernment. My strong angels will protect you and go with you where you go. Pray constantly in the Spirit. Sing praises, which My Father and I love to hear, but the enemy does not and will flee.

Be patient, I AM at work in many people’s lives and you will be amazed at their transformation! You are strong when you are in me and I AM in you. Cast your cares of this world aside. You must focus on Heaven and eternity with Me and help Me to save as many souls ad possible in the short time you have left on this earth. “

(My closest biological brother took the va_ccine. I grieved over this. I had warned him.). The Lord said “John (not his real name) was given many, many chances to come back to Me (he was a believer in college and later fell away). He thought about it but, in the end, wanted to keep his riches on Earth and the image of himself he had worked so hard to build – outside of a relationship with Me. I am mourning his choices too, as I am so very many of My beloved children’s choices. Be at peace. Soon, you will have no more tears. Be strong. I love you with an everlasting love. Be ready, spiritually and mentally prepared for battle – My battle. You are an overcomer. Do not fear but rejoice in My victory and that you, my love, will soon be home with Me! You are My joy as I am your hope. We will be together for eternity very soon and shall walk in the garden together.”

Yahshua, Jesus

6:20 am

As always, please ask the Holy Spirit for discernment and confirmation for this and every message. Praying for you, my brothers and sisters in Christ.


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