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Civil war will sweep through the nation – Barbara Francis

Civil war will sweep through the nation

Jan 20, 2020
Barbara Francis

Speak this message, I AM calling many of my faithful home now. Do not mourn when you see loved ones called to me. All is prepared . Mans hearts will fail for what they see coming upon the world. There will be no time to prepare , that’s why my Messengers and Prophets have been WARNING you FOR SEVERAL YEARS NOW. I AM not slack. Civil war will sweep through the nation as in times past, man fighting man, brother fighting brother. Christians will be targeted and killed publicly. I will open the graves and call the sleeping up.Those alive will see this amazing sight, then they will join them in the clouds. IS YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER ? Have you explained to your family what is written will surely come to pass. My sheep know my voice. I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD. Do not follow strangers. I have laid down my life for my sheep. Soon a shout will echo through the heavens! REPENT the KINGDOM COMES.

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  1. To me this sounds like a vision of persecution during the great tribulation which will end at the 6th seal then the saints will be caught away. 1) I think the USA (Babylon) will fall before this happens grossly reducing the US population. 2) since great tribulation begins Midway through the 70th week of Daniel, which has not yet begun (waiting for Dan 9:24 treaty), this vision is years away. Better prepare while we can, though!

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