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Civil War In America – Catherine

Civil War In America

Jun 4, 2020, 4:55 AM

Dear brothers and sisters, after I had a dream about the civil war in America, I made this video to explain some things.

Not only the world but also the church musst repent. She is not yet ready, so it needs more judgement and it will come.

Blessings, Catherine Youtube: Magd Jesu

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English version:

German version:

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  1. anna

    Amen Catherine. Obama And Trump have caused religion and Americans are too eager to kiss these men’s hands instead of going to God directly. Christians in America honor and worship men about God. Thank you for your video.

    Bless you and aren’t you glad you aren’t in America? Safer where you are. We are going to fall straight into total destruction.

  2. Thank you Dear Catherine, Amen. The Civil war will have echo everywhere. Leaving in french Alps, I can see Antifa Zone every where : I pray they be transformed into prayer zones. Let’s keep our eyes opened and let not be deceived in anyway. Many Blessings to you Dear Catherine as to your family and our Family In The Faith of Our Messiah Who Shall come. Shalom, Nathalie.

  3. Catherine

    Anna, I live in Switzerland but our countries will have the same propblems a little later. Europe and the Roman Empire will surely be involved in the time of the Antichrist.

    Nathalie, I don’t live near the Alps but to the direction of Germany and Austria. We can’t save our countries but we can save souls. I wish more missionaries in France.

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